Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just another night...

With four small children 5 and under, there generally is never a dull moment.

On Friday afternoon, we set out for an evening in downtown Portland. We had to make a stop at a local children's boutique as they carried pediped shoes for the girls. Clara was in desperate need for another pair of shoes, and being the shoe connoisseur she is and only wanting to wear pedipeds, we had to make a stop!

Of course, as the six of us enter this little boutique, the silence ends. We are instantly noticed and recognized by the owner. Clara, almost immediately, notices these pair of shoes. Kevin lets her put them on, and as soon as she gets up to prance around the store we hear something....

"Squeak! Squeak"

What the ............... Kevin says.

The shoes squeak. LOUD. 

Of course, the shoes were on sale, and thank God for that as I am pretty sure there was no way Clara was going to take the damn shoes off. Thankfully, the owner told us the squeaks can be removed from the shoe. So, on they went, and Clara was a happy girl!

After our mission was completed, we met friends for dinner at Flatbread awesome pizza place! Nothing like fresh, organic flatbread pizza and beer, of course!

Clara would run around, and the squeaks from her shoes were quite obnoxious. Everyone noticed them, and laughed. It was hysterical, but I am sure everyone thought it was even funnier because it wasn't their child.

At the end of dinner, we all left and gathered outside. Clara came to me telling me she had had an accident. I took her to the bathroom, removed her pants and underwear (she's been in underwear for a few weeks now!) and took her back outside. Pant-less. Yeah, I surely am not getting mother of the year award for forgetting an extra pair of clothes.....but whatever.

So, we said our good-byes to our friends and make our trek back to our car. Poor Clara had to walk back to the car with her bare bottom and squeaky shoes. A perfect combination for lots of attention from others walking in downtown Portland! It was hilarious! I am sure people were thinking "what the hell????"


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