Friday, July 8, 2011

Three months.

Happy three months to the sweetest baby boy we know.

Three months seems like it was so long ago. I find it hard to believe that three months has gone by since our sweet baby boy came into our lives. While the first 11 days of his life hit us like a ton of bricks, and brought emotions that we prayed we'd never have to deal with in our lifetime, he showed us what is important in life, and just how strong a newborn can actually be.

I can barely remember what our life was without Callum. I look at my belly and am still in awe that he was inside of me just three months ago. It just seems so long ago. Callum is the sweetest baby. He is so good and we are so lucky to have him in our life. He is the easiest baby, so content and lovable. He is an awesome sleeper. He still sleeps a lot of the day, with times of wakefulness for about an hour or so. Those hours are generally full of smiles and him starting to really come into himself. He's starting to make those sweet baby sounds and recognizing familiar faces. His sisters light up when he looks at them and smiles. It truly makes their day. He is starting to enjoy time under the play mat, that is, when none of his sisters are around to sit on him, smother him, and interrupt his time to just play quietly!

As far as sleeping goes, he generally goes down for the night between 10-11pm and will wake up anywhere between 4-6am, generally more towards the 6am time. There are times, like today, that I will wake him up at 6am to nurse because my boobs feel like they are going to burst open! I will bring him into bed when he first awakes, we will snuggle, he will nurse, and we'll go back to sleep. Most mornings I am up before he is, and he'll stay asleep in our bed until 9-930am. It's like a gift! As it gives me time to give the girls breakfast, prepare for the beach or whatever it is that needs to be done.

As a mother to four children, 5 and under, I have to say having a baby who is so easy is like a gift from God. He makes my life easy. All those days I was worried sick about how I would handle four small children, little did I know, it would be like this. We are so unbelievably lucky. But, I am sure once he is mobile, payback will surely be a bitch! That's okay, I'd rather him be easy now :)

So, as I sit here and he is snuggled tightly into boppy against my skin, nursing, I will enjoy every precious moment I have. He is such an easy baby, loves to nurse, and is starting to show signs of "excitement" as he begins to nurse. I love it.

What joy he has brought to our family. I cannot wait to see what this little prince brings to our house full of princesses. We love you, Callum John.

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