Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All or nothing

I've spoken before about how Lilah is an "All or Nothing" kind of kid. She has been like this ever since the day she was born. When she was an infant, she would either be sleeping heavily or screaming because she wanted to be fed yesterday. Anyone who knows Lilah, knows she doesn't fool around. She gives everything 200% and that includes her attitude, her temper and the bratty faces she makes. Most often, Lilah is so easy going, she is so happy and generally the one I have to worry least about when it comes to behavior - but when her behavior hits her threshold, watch out because she goes from 0-60 in about 5 seconds flat.  In the photo to the left, you see her throwing leaves. Look at her face, she is seriously putting any and all energy she has into throwing those leaves all over the place. Another word we use for her is dramatic  - wow! Is she ever....sometimes you just have to laugh because she really does exaggerate things to the max sometimes! 

Then there was this evening. We were eating dinner, and I caught her playing & throwing her food. That's a no-no in this house. I spoke with her twice, and then the third time I told her she would not get a special treat after dinner. She went back to the table and started throwing food again, so I took her dinner away. She then went into her "All" attitude - started yelling at me, hitting, kicking and going crazy! I put her plate into the sink and she was attempting to climb the cabinets to get to her food. SHE.WAS.ANGRY! 

I picked her up, and brought her to her bedroom. Before I closed the door, I removed any dangerous objects she could throw and shut the door. For about 15 minutes, I heard books being thrown about the room. Once she stopped for a few minutes, I went upstairs, opened her door to give her the okay to come out. She came out and was happy as a clam.

That's Lilah. She throws a fit and she's done. She doesn't carry things on for hours and hours! 

This was Lilah's room when she was done with her fit. Mind you, I had this room all picked up beforehand, and what you cannot see are the books all to the left, and slid under the bedroom door, too! 

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