Thursday, August 18, 2011

American Girl

Today we took a little adventure to the American Girl Doll store today at Tysons. We met some friends and spent the day "ooh'n and ahh'n" over dolls and headed to lunch.

When Callum was born, he "gave" Mairead and Lilah an American Girl "Bitty Baby". Callum made the mistake of not giving Clara one and of course, there was some tears shed. I felt so guilty, I knew we should have bought Clara one, too, but I honestly didn't think she would have been so upset. After that day, Kevin took Clara out to pick out a baby doll to make her feel better, but, I still had mommy guilt. 

Before we left for the store, I made sure Mairead and Lilah knew they would not be leaving the store with an American Girl doll today. Of course, Mairead kept asking why, but those dolls are not cheap and it's not just a toy you give in least that is how I feel. I explained to the girls that today would be a look day, and if they wanted, they could bring their bitty babies shopping, and they could each pick out an outfit for their babies. Thankfully, that appeased them for the most part. Clara on the other hand got to pick out a new bitty baby - four months after Callum's birth and mommy was still feeling guilty. So, she bought one. 

Of course as soon as we walked in the store the girls started asking questions about when could they get a doll....maybe Christmas? maybe your birthday? Clara wasn't old enough to ask, but she eyed herself on a stroller with a bitty baby in it. Trying to get her to release the stroller was.......impossible? I picked out her doll, and when they cashier tried to give it to her, she threw it at the lady. She wanted the stroller. Nice. Thankfully, that didn't last too long and she was happy again! 

The big girls picked out their baby outfits and were excited to explore the store. The place is insane. You can get the dolls hair done.......for $14! Or their ears pierced....not the kids! the dolls ears! Whoever says there is a recession or the economy is shitty, obviously hasn't been to a store like this. For a Thursday morning, it was jam packed with parents and their kids. Their arms FULL of items, dolls, you name it....spending lots of money! I felt weird that my hands weren't full of items, just kids! 

I have to be honest though. I think it was a great lesson for Mairead to see that just because we go somewhere special that she doesn't always walk out with what she wants. For the remainder of the day all she talked about was which doll she wanted and when could she get one. I tried to explain to her that those dolls are very expensive, she is still young, and maybe if she showed us how well she can take care of her babies, that maybe Santa would bring her a doll or maybe we would get one for her birthday. 
Overall, it was a fun  day, and I think the girls had a lot of fun hanging out with some girlfriends! 

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