Friday, August 12, 2011

It's funner in Maine

This morning, out of the blue, Mairead says "I can't wait to move back to Maine."

I wasn't sure exactly how to respond (appropriately) to that comment because I was in agreement with her!

I asked her why and she responded "It's funner in Maine. Plus, I miss all my friends there."

We've been here two weeks, though for some reason, it has felt like a very long, long two weeks. The girls were so excited for the first week, but I think the last week has really got them homesick. And hell, who am I joking. I miss home, too. I miss my friends, too. I miss my family. But, we will continue to make the best of our (temporary) home here in Virginia.

I think the toughest part of moving has been friends. We had such an amazing group of friends back in Maine that it makes it that much harder here in Virginia. We have some great friends here in Virginia, but they don't live too close. We've met a lot of really nice neighbors, but none of them have children the same ages as ours. We've been to the pool almost every single day since we've moved here, yet, we've only made one friend. The girls have tried making friends with kids at the pool, but, they've not been very receptive or welcoming, and that breaks my heart. I don't want Mairead to think like she is failing at making new friends. And when she says "Mom, why won't she play with me?" or "Mom, why does she keep swimming away from me?" that just hurts.

Today, at the pool, the big girls befriended a five year old boy. At break, they headed for the baby pool to play. I was sitting with Callum when I got a strange vibe. I handed Callum off to Kevin and went into the baby pool to check things out. The boy says "Ohhhhhhhh.....there's going to be something smelly coming out of my pants!" and then a BIG brown cloud bellows out from underneath the kid.

QUICK! Think fast, I thought! I said "Come on kids! It's snack time!" - nothing a little bribery couldn't fix, and just like that, our three girls were saved from the brown cloud.

There goes that friend!

Kevin goes back to work on Monday and we have some playdates planned with some groups and I really hope they go well. The girls are so ready for some real friends they can play with on a regular basis....and as much as I love spending time alone as a family, I am also ready to meet some friends who don't mind grilling out, drinking some beers and having a good time.

But, no matter what, I'd have to agree with Mairead...

It IS funner in Maine!

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