Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today was just like old time Virginia for us! When we moved from Virginia we left some good friends behind that I am thankful to have kept in close touch with since May of 2008. Since then, we have been able to reunite each summer in New Hampshire, but today, was the first time we have had an official play date since May 2008.
Zoe, Mairead, Jasmine and Lily (all about 11 months)

Lily, Zoe and hair pulling Mairead (11 months)
Last year in New Hampshire (minus Clara)

And boy! times have changed...

When I left Christina and Jacie had just given birth to their second children, and Lilah was just 5 months old. Today there were 3 five year olds, 3 three year olds, an almost two year old and a 4 month old. Since we've returned to Virginia we've gotten together with Christina and Jacie separately, but today we were all together and it was so much fun!

It was so crazy in our house today the Earth shook! No, really! It really, really did! While the kids were running amuck, us moms were catching up in our kitchen. When the house shook. At first we thought it was my unbalanced washing machine - which by the way, didn't even have clothes inside....and then I thought it was the kids upstairs jumping on the bed. But guess what? It wasn't!

Lily, Zoe, Mairead, Quinn, Clara, Lilah & Eaton
Then, Jacie gets on facebook to find everyone posting about an Earthquake! We quickly turn on the news and sure enough a 5.8? magnitude earthquake rattled Virginia, which was felt all the way up through the Northeast! I called Kevin immediately to make sure all was okay with him. At first I couldn't get in touch with him as all the cell phone towers were jammed up, but then he texted me to let me know he was okay. It was pretty crazy for a while, but thankfully had good friends with me to laugh and joke around with...you know, only moms would have thought the shaking could have been a washing machine :)

While we watched the news, the kids (minus Callum) sat on the couch together watching a movie. We snapped a few photos and laughed at how cute they were. I called it the "Earthquake! party" :)

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