Monday, November 4, 2013

Almost a the day.

It's been almost a year, to the day, since I've blogged. I've thought many times about blogging again, but then, I get distracted, and it never happens.

How can I sum up an entire year? Well, with four kids, hell, with any amount of children, that's almost impossible. So many wonderful days with some bleak ones thrown in there, too. The kids are growing up, faster than I would like. I dream about having another baby, but know that probably isn't the smartest thing. After four high risk pregnancies and a rough start for Callum, I'm afraid to do it again - lucky for Kevin, because I think he knows I'd be barking down his tree!

Kevin and I (married 8 years in September) are still living in Maine - he commutes to Virginia every Monday and for the last year, has been able to come home every Thursday. It works. It's definitely not an ideal situation, but still the best one for us in our current situation and definitely not indefinite. Our children are thriving here in Maine, and we have enjoyed being back here again. All three girls were on skis last year and we rocked it all winter long. Clara did amazing and even learned to ride a two wheeler this spring, too. We spent a lot of time at the beach this summer, took a vacation with friends on a lake house and have spent a lot of time with family and friends!

Kevin put in for an early transfer for 2014 and we are hoping for Hawaii, Maine (again), Boston or Providence. We want to be together again, so hopefully by the new year, we will know if we will continue this, or be moving.

I am still a running machine - I think running has taken over blogging. I am running about 20-25 miles/week. I have run three half marathons and my first 10K in 2013. I ran my last half marathon in 2:01:58 - 10 minutes faster than my fastest time before that (and 13 minutes faster than my first one a year ago)! It's been a great outlet for me since I am alone with the kids midweek. I never thought I would be so in love with running, but it really has done me good! And I love challenging myself!

Mairead (turned 7) continued half days last year at school, and thrived. It was the best thing we could have done. She was happy again. She had a great year last year, and did her first season of cross country. She loved it! This fall, she started 2nd grade, half days, but by the end of September, Kevin and I were wondering if public school was really what we wanted for our children. Not that our schools here in Maine are bad, because they aren't - it's just a lot - and we want our kids to be kids, and want to spend as much fun times with them as possible while they are little. So, on September 26th, we officially began homeschooling our children again. And so far. So good - but more on this later!

Lilah is Lilah (now almost 6). She is silly and a go-getter. She started Kindergarten this year, and had a great teacher, but like Mairead, we pulled her out and began homeschooling. Lilah practiced this fall with the cross country team and hopefully next spring they will open it up to Kindergarteners! She is beginning to read, which is pretty awesome. I am super excited that I will be able to teach her to read just like I was able to with Mairead. She's growing her hair out for locks of love...

Clara (just turned 4) is growing up and changing. She is still a bit more reserved and shy than her sisters, but we are seeing strides with her. She started preschool at Our School this year and has been loving it. We are so lucky to have such amazing teachers there who truly love our children. She is definitely grown up a lot in the last year.

Callum has changed the most out of all the kids. He is 2.5 years old now and an animal. He's a lot like Lilah - all or nothing. He's either super chill and happy or he's pissed and whacking the shit out of people. His speech is getting loads better and talks a ton. He is an active boy who loves the color pink, loves to dress up in tutus and slam his trucks into things. We are not so sure he knows he is a boy yet, but he definitely has testosterone!

All 3 girls are dancing again this year and we are just enjoying our days together. Clara is still doing preschool three days/week, so it is nice to have some quiet time with the big girls while she is there.

I hope to continue this blog and journal about our homeschool adventure!

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