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One of the best parts about living in Maine is the fact that I feel as though I am on vacation a lot of the time. There is just so many cool things to do, and each year, I feel as though we get to do more and more as our kids get older. Maine is a massive state, and one can go from ocean to lakes to mountains in a matter of just a short drive. It's just beautiful. Coastal Maine is so very different than inland, rural Maine. It really is mind boggling that we all live in the same state!

Dirty camping feet

Mairead enjoying the Sunset on Lake Mooselookmeguntic

Lake Mooselookmeguntic, Rangeley - try saying that one 10 times fast! 

Last Thursday, Kevin flew home and would be home for 10 glorious days! We survived our first month of our crazy plan, and hope the 2nd month goes as smooth as the first one. That weekend, we drove up to Lake Sebago with some other friends and spent the day at the lake! Once nap time came, Kevin left with Clara and Callum, and I stayed with the other moms and camped out! This is the first time that I have ever left my kids for something "fun". The big girls had never gone camping before, so they were super excited! I didn't know what it would be like not having Callum or Clara around for 18 hours, but, I will admit, life was pretty easy with just two kids! Our campsite was beautiful, and surrounded by water on three sides! The frogs kept us up at night, but that's okay, it was just for one night!
Daddy & Callum enjoying Lake Sebago

Mmmm! Sand

Mairead and one of her besties! 

Silly little Lilah Loo!

The next morning, Kevin came to pick us up (his car is in Virginia) and Callum was so excited to see his mamma. For the remainder of the day, his hand was down my shirt begging to nurse. No, seriously. I think he thought because I left him for 18 hours that he could just nurse for 18 hours. Straight. :)
My sweet little Patriots! 
The next few days of our staycation were filled with dinners with friends, beach time, and just relaxing together! Included in our staycation was the 4th of July. I even made the girls their dresses! I forgot I had bought the fabric, so I was making them the night before the 4th! We celebrated with my parents and some friends, but unfortunately, there were pretty bad thunderstorms and Portland had to cancel their fireworks. I was just as disappointed as the kiddos were because it is one of my favorite Maine summertime events! It's just gorgeous overlooking Casco Bay.....Oh well!

The day after the 4th, we headed up to Rangeley, Maine where my brother and his family were staying in a lakehouse. They invited us up, so we drove up for a few days and spent some time with them! The house was so cute, and lake Mooselookmeguntic was just gorgeous! The kids and their cousins had a lot of fun together. On Friday we rented a Pontoon boat and spent the day cruising, fishing, swimming, and drinking beer. The adults - not the kids!
Lilah (and the other girls) had so much fun doting on their little cousin, Olivia! 

Phoebe & Emmie spent the entire first day in the water! Poor Phoebe suffers from chronic ear infections, so I thought
up of a way to dry out her ears :) - she didn't seem to mind too much! 

Everyone had a blast exploring on the lake. Callum enjoyed picking up rocks, Clara enjoyed the water,
Emmie enjoyed the water and fetching balls, and of course, Daddy enjoyed some beer :)

Clara was all ready for a day out on the boat! 

Lilah wasn't too excited :)

and either was Mairead! :)

Me and Clara enjoying the morning!

Daddy and Lilah 

My brother - Uncle Joe - in the water with the girls! They were having fun jumping off the boat!

Captain Steph!

The crew!

Daddy & Callum! Callum enjoyed the boat. He is all about the cheesy smile right now and I cannot
get enough of it! Ugh! LOVE HIM!

Me and Kevin enjoying our time together!

Lake Mooselookmeguntic from above

Overall, the last week has been absolutely crazy with fun and games! I am tired, but I am just loving it! I am looking forward to many more fun days at the beach! We have some fun things planned for the rest of the summer before we kick off our first official "school year"

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