Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer nights

I won't lie, this week has sucked. We've had some behavior issues with a certain 6 year old and I am just finished dealing with it. I've tried everything and it comes down to one thing. She just doesn't care. She feels like she is entitled to do, say and act however she sees fit.

This week we had a lot of fun things planned but because unwanted behavior got in the way, we had to cancel some things. I hate doing that, especially when the other kids are behaving well, but, sometimes you just gotta be the bad guy. I always hope it makes an impact on the kid getting in trouble, but I also hope the other kiddos take note that mamma means business and I mean what I say.

After our morning activity was cancelled yesterday due to nasty behavior, Mairead straightened herself out for the afternoon. You see, when I was forced into cancelling our morning date to Mackworth Island and out to lunch, I felt bad. So, I called our high school sitter to have her come over to sit with Mairead while I took the others out for ice cream. Had to drive that punishment just far enough to make it really hurt., she recovered and had a fantastic afternoon. I was glad because I had planned a pretty fun evening for her all her (and Lilah's) little girlfriends.

In true Ferrie fashion nothing bodes very easy sometimes, so just as I was preparing an early dinner before our friends arrived, I hear blood curdling screams. It was Clara. She was sitting by our screen door screaming. I run over and her pinky finger was lodged in the inside of the door. I quickly brought her over to the sink and ran cold water over it. It wasn't until I stopped the water that I realized her finger was heavily bleeding. It looked bad. She continued to scream. I am putting pressure on her finger and the chicken in the oven is beeping finished. I am across the room. I was trying to tell Mairead which button to press, praying dinner wasn't ruined. Finally she got it. I then call my neighbor and ask her to come over. I needed someone to take dinner out of the oven, and do a little damage control. At that point, I wasn't sure if her finger needed some stitching. I felt so horrible.

Thankfully my neighbor came right over and saved dinner! She helped me get back into control and get a closer look at Clara's finger. Thankfully, it wasn't gushing anymore, and looked as though it didn't need any stitches. So, I decided to watch it. And decided that our plans for our girls night would still go on!
Here's Miss Attitude
Within 45 minutes, our friends arrived. Four mammas and their girls. 9 girls. 1 boy. Poor Callum. The kids ran around, and I attempted to start a fire. With a little help from my mamma friend, we had a roaring fire and the kids roasted s'mores! They had a blast and it was the most beautiful summer night. We also had our waterslide up, so the kids were in and out of that, too! Once dark set in, we came inside, the kids watched a movie and the mammas enjoyed a few drinks and chatted away. The kids would run in and out looking for fireflys. It was a fantastic night that lasted until close to 1030!

While the day was pretty shitty, the evening ended up on a pretty sweet note!

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