Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I admit. This is probably one of the longest times I've gone without blogging. One month. Where have I been?! Well, I've sat down many a times with the intentions to blog, but I get so caught up with the day, or talking to Kevin or running or cleaning or.....well, relaxing, that I forget.

I don't even know where to start! The last month has been awesome. We've continued our amazing Maine summer extravaganza. We've entertained friends from Louisiana earlier in the month, had sleepovers with friends and Nanas & Papas, enjoyed wiping lots of sandy toes, loving salty kisses, went to the Sea Dogs game, built a hanging bed (thank you, pinterest), visited water parks, moved Callum to a big boy bed, drank lots of beer, harvested veggies from our garden, went on sunset cruises, went lobstering, dinners out, waterskiing, tubing, first fish caught, late nights in our backyard, Kevin's parents here from Florida, daddy was home for a weeks vacation, tons of beach time and exploring, new friends visiting from Quebec and training for my very first half marathon have had us supah busy having lots of fun!

Our Coast Guard friends from Louisiana came to visit for a long weekend! We had so much fun showing
them the Maine way of life! 

Our cool tide pool finds! 

Higgins Beach - one of my favorite spots this summer! 

Do you think Callum enjoys the water? He just rolls around in the tide pools on the shore! 

Mairead showing off our first harvests from our garden - cucumbers & zucchini! 

Lilah & Clara all excited for a sleepover at my parents.
This was Clara's very first sleepover - she absolutely LOVED it! 

Our niece Olivia's Baptism

Lobstering on the Lucky Catch! One of our favorite things to do in the summer! 

It's amazing to think when we started Lobstering how little our girls were...they're so grown up... 

Not quite a keeper, but he sure wanted to stay :)

Bug Light

Mairead and her new hanging bed - I promise I'll do a post on the hows.......whys.......and the coolness of this thing! 

Ahhhh.....felt like I was 21 again! Hadn't waterskied in years, but pretended I was back on the team....and boy, did I pay
for it the next few days! I was SORE! 

Mairead and her friend out for Mairead's first tubing experience! 

I was so shocked Clara wanted to go on the tube! The girls had a blast! We're so lucky to have such
great friends who let us in on all the fun!
This pretty much sums up my life...and boy, is it fantastic! 

Seriously. Can it get any more beautiful? 

Did I say sandy toes above? I think I meant wrinkly ones... 

Not too often our kids get to have all four grandparents it was a special treat to have all of them
together for a sunset cruise out on Casco Bay! It was a beautiful night... 

Ok, so when did he lose his baby-ness????? I am not ready for him to
grow up....someone, please stop time.

My beautiful Mairead...thankfully her personality has been a lot more beautiful, too! 

Kevin's shot of me....

And my cheesy Lilah Loo....

One of the most genuine smiles you'll see from Clara...
Love her!

Portland Head Lighthouse - view from Casco Bay

and a perfect night it was...

A moment with Papa Steve

Just moments after sunset

Mimi & Papa! 

"Want a flower mamma?"  
...and well, this will need a blog post of its own, but yes, this is Lilah, playing a tutu.

As you can see, we have had an amazing month. It was so difficult choosing which photographs to show, but, it's been fun. It's hard to believe school starts next week. And well, I am not quite ready for this next chapter. I've really enjoyed (for the most part) having my kiddos home with me...enjoying time together and learning new things. I guess all good things must come to an end sometime, right?


  1. Finally!!! Geesh, no'd think you were taking care of 4 kids ALONE all week or something?!?! :) Love that I can picture the places now having been there. Great pics of the kids...craving some lobster now! Can't wait to hear about the bed and soccer with a tutu!

  2. Can't wait to hear about the bed. DH and I are building a house and I am trying to convince him to do something like this for Patrick. Just before you posted this I had seen some similar things on Pinterest. It's just getting my husband to buy the idea... and screw a bunch of bolts into a new construction wall :)


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