Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ice Cream Man

So far, summer seems to come.....and go.....come and go, but we've managed to snag the ice cream man a few times already this season!

Tonight we were having dinner outside. Kevin and I heard the ice cream man, snickered and waited for the girls to notice it, too. Within a few minutes, they heard it. Of course, they wanted an ice cream. So, like the good parents we are, we bribed our children. Mairead, Lilah, Clara...if you eat your dinner, and you better eat it quick, you can get an ice cream. Within seconds, the girls mouths were full of food and they were making a mad dash out to the street, down our long driveway.

One in a dress.
One in a jacket.
One n aked.

The girls stood anxiously at the end of the driveway awaiting the ice cream man to stop in front of them. Clara stood in the middle of the road. Waiting. N aked.

As he came closer, the girls were jumping up and down with excitement. The truck stopped at our driveway and the girls made their choices.

It's times like these that make me remember my childhood and getting excited over the simplicities of summer life. Hearing the jingle of the ice cream truck make its way around the neighborhoods wondering when your street would be next. I love enjoying these moments with our children. 

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