Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Shot

We took the crew to get their flu shots at the doctors. Our appointment was at 11am.

We arrived at 1050am.

Got into the exam room at 1140. Because all three girls haven't seen the new docs yet, they wanted them to be seen by the doctors before their flu shot. You can only imagine the four kids inside the exam room waiting for about 20 minutes. They were like lions in a cage getting more and more restless as each minute passed. Every other minute I hear...

"Maaaaaaaaaaaa. When is the doctor coming in"

Finally, she comes in. We go through the girls medical history, or lack there of. We got to Clara's history and I had mentioned in her history that she had questionable viral pneumonia back in February. She was pretty miserable, and I even wrote about it here. The doctor had asked if she had any wheezing with that illness and I said yes (but it was so mild) I hesitated to say 'yes'. The doctor asked what medications she was on with that illness and looked at me like I was crazy when I told her I didn't take her in to the doctors - she pretty much scolded me. May I also add she was a different pediatrician and wasn't the same awesome one we saw with Callum a few weeks back? 

Yeah. I was not impressed. 

She says in a quietly condescending manner "you always bring them in if there is wheezing" - hmmm, our pediatrician in Maine knew about Clara and said we could keep her home as long as her temp wasn't going back up, she was eating and drinking - which she was - and of course, wasn't having difficulty breathing! Not to mention, she was seen in the office several days after the illness for a well child check and said she probably had viral pneumonia, and would take a bit for her chest to clear. I also didn't feel the need to explain myself to a doc I didn't know for something that happened 9 months ago and has had no negative impacts on her whatsoever. I admit, I am not a parent who takes their kids to the doctors for every cough and sniffle, so I am pretty sure me and this doctor will clash, because she appears very conservative, and I am not unless it is warranted.

And as she was examining Mairead, she kept listening to her chest. She asks if she has had a cough. I said, "A morning cough, but nothing more than that" and she continues listening, without discussing to me or Kevin why she kept listening and listening, like she was trying hear something or make a big deal about something? Strange. It was almost like she was trying to make something wrong? Weird. She was weird. 

"I went to get a shot. I did not cry. I got a lollipop" - Mairead
So after all that weirdness, it was time for the lions, I mean the kids to have their shots. Clara went first. She got her lollipop. I laid down with her, tried to make her laugh, she whimpered for a second and it was done! The big girls were next, didn't shed a tear, because they were too busy enjoying their lollipop and then poor little Callum - he cried for a minute, but once I picked him up and nursed him, he closed his eyes and went to sleep. 

At 1230, 1.5 hours AFTER our scheduled appointment time for four flu shots, we were on our way home....ugh. Completely an over-the-top appointment for a flu shot! 

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  1. When did it become a bad thing not to run to the doctor at every sniffle??? Be grateful I am not coming in and infecting everyone here. Geesh. It is a rarity for me to the girls in other than well checks. I am not sure most parents let their (healthy) kid's bodies fight off clods/sickness anymore. I can understand if your child has a predetermined condition or something or a history, but come on.


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