Thursday, November 3, 2011


This year the girls flip flopped on what they wanted to be for Halloween. For a while, they wanted to be cowgirls, but then they changed their minds to be ghosts. Once again, I told Lilah she didn't have to be the same as Mairead, that she could be whatever she wanted, but when Lilah saw the costume, she had to be a ghost, too. As for Clara, I originally was going to have her be a bumble bee, but when both Mairead and Lilah wanted to be the same, I was afraid she would have a fit, so, a ghost she would be, too!

At first, I had ordered the girls costumes on Etsy, but after a few issues with the seller, I ended up on my own less than one week until Halloween. This not-so-crafty mom decided to make her own halloween costumes. I set off to JoAnn fabric with the big girls in tow, in a store that I felt so very out of place in.

I bought some tulle, elastic, felt and long sleeve white shirts and headed home for my quest to make three little ghost costumes. Project save Halloween.

It took me a few hours to get all three costumes finished. The first tutu took the longest, just trying to figure out how it was going to work, but by the third tutu, it only took me about 20 minutes. Once I was all done, I was so proud of myself, and I had three very excited little girls! As frustrated as I was having to make them, it was the best thing I did! Looking back, the costumes were super easy to make :)

On Halloween, the girls were so excited. They started the day off in their costumes. We went grocery shopping, and all three girls were in their costumes. They attracted so much attention and would run up to people and say "BOO!"

That evening our neighborhood had a little parade and a pizza party afterwards. We were with some of our new friends we have met here, and had fun. All together there were 7 girls, 7 and under and one, cute little boy, Callum. The adults had a few adult beverages before trick or treating and the kids had loads of candy.

The big girls were very into it this year. They sprinted from house to house as if it were a race. It took a few houses for Clara to catch on, but once she realized people were filling baskets up with candy she was hooked! She'd go up to the house, hold out her basket, and wait until they dropped candy in there. Then, she'd continue to stare at them as if she was saying "Ummmm, more, please!"

When we were done trick or treating, we headed back to our house. Kevin started a fire in our fire pit in the driveway and we handed out candy. The kids ran around and had a blast while the adults relaxed, and enjoyed a few treats ourselves!

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