Sunday, October 30, 2011


Woke up yesterday morning and this is what we saw:

Um. Does mother nature realize we live in Virginia? and more importantly, does she also realize it is October? I haven't even put away sandals yet, let alone dig out boots and winter gear. 

But don't worry! It didn't take long for the girls to get excited about playing in the snow and wearing snowsuits! I started to ask Mairead why in the world she wanted to put her snow suit on with only a dusting of snow, but then I remembered....she's just a kid and very excited about snow! Ah, to be young again! 

Mairead also didn't waste any time getting out her Sunday River ski map to start planning her first ski run this winter!

Not only did the girls get out and play and romp in the snow, they did some serious snow snacking, too! Clara wasn't too excited about the snow. She was too disappointed that she didn't have Bog boots just like her big sisters. She attempted to go outside barefoot, but that didn't last very long! 

After naps, we realized we had a very limited amount of toilet paper in the house. So, we went off to Target for a quick trip. Callum was all snug inside my fleece pouch and his cute new reindeer hat we bought while we were up north in October. 

I sure hope this isn't the only "winter" we see here in Virginia! I hope we get whacked with snow! 

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