Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's about time, mom!

For the last few weeks or so, Callum has become increasingly interested in what we are eating. I can no longer open a container of yogurt or eat an apple without him lunging towards food. So, whenever I am eating something "Callum friendly", I will give him a bite, let him suck on my apple and explore different tastes and textures of things.

On Friday night, we were out to dinner with the kids. Callum was in my lap and practically diving into my plate of food. The big girls were eating applesauce, so I grabbed a bite with my spoon and he took the spoon and shoved it into his mouth, as if he had been eating food for months.

From that moment on, he was in love. He would grunt for more, and kept sticking his tongue out as if he were a snake. His tongue is so long!!! I guess I can no longer keep him solely on mammas milk!

Then, on Saturday night, we sat down as a family, like we usually do every night. Instead of Callum being in his jumparoo, he sat like a big boy in his high chair for the very first time. I mixed up some applesauce and oatmeal, and he went to town. The kid was crazy. He would grab the spoon and shove it into his mouth as if I wasn't giving it to him fast enough. He made it virtually impossible to get the food into his mouth without his hands grabbing for the spoon. When we weren't feeding him, he was either screaming or grunting for us to give him more. 

The girls thought this was awesome. They had one gazillion questions about why he was eating, and what he was eating, you name it, they asked about it. It was super cute. Even Clara kept yelling "He likes it! He likes the applesauce!"

For our dinner, we had chicken and gnocchi with a lemon butter sauce. So, what do I do? Cut up tiny bites of gnocchi and gave it to him. Did he like it? Of couse he did!

If you know me well enough, you know that I don't follow any of the rules of "feeding a baby" - we feed them what we eat, unless it is not baby friendly. We follow the Baby Led Approach to feeding, just as we did with the girls and it has worked out fabulously! It's amazing to see just how ready an older infant is to eat. There is no tongue thrusting. No belly aches. And they know exactly what to do with the food. It is amazing. In the very beginning we will give them soft foods, but once they learn to manipulate new things in their mouth, there isn't much they cannot eat.

I think the only thing we give them that has "baby" on it is YoBaby yogurt! So from here on out, our sweet little boy is turning into big boy. I am so not ready to have him eating big boy food yet, but, I guess at 6.5 months old, he is ready. For the next few weeks, we'll take it slow, and then he will be off and running!

*I posted some new videos - on the right side.

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