Saturday, October 29, 2011

Evidence she IS learning!

It is amazing that Mairead is learning to read and write! I couldn't be more proud of my big girl! She loves to practice writing and lately, she has done an amazing job at sounding out words all by herself. 

Last week, she and Lilah took a nature class on Bats. Here is her latest sentence about Bats:

Translation: "All Bats "c.u.m" out at night" 

This one was definitely photograph and blog worthy! :)

**notice I had to put the word c.u.m like this.....I notice a lot of people searching on the internet for dirty things, and definitely don't want that word to attract any more crazies out there!!!! 

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  1. Awesome!!!! You are going to look back at these memories and really be filled with joy that you were there for them! I know home schooling was not your first choice, but you are rocking it out!!!!!


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