Thursday, October 27, 2011

Queen Vs. King

Before we were married and had lots of kids, we bought a new bed. 

Should we get a King? we thought.

Nah! Won't we always want to snuggle? Plus our children will never share our bed. 



We were blessed with a honeymoon, baby, Mairead. And learned that some battles aren't worth fighting. We learned just how awesome and special co-sleeping was. And in a Queen it was just fine. A little tight, but still cozy. 

So, what do we do? Buy a brand new Queen mattress. 

Then, our sweet little Lilah Loo comes along. Hmmmmm. How will we co-sleep with a newborn and a toddler in a queen. We moved Mairead into a cot in our room. And we remained perfectly content in a Queen.

Clara is born and we realize space is getting tight in our Queen size bed. Story time was leading to fights over space and who is or isn't too squished. 

What do we do? We bring just one more sweet little baby into our bed. Uh oh. And story time in our Queen size bed is no longer fun and enjoyable with everyone fighting and screaming over a comfy place to lay under cozy blankets with mommy and daddy.

So, we move to Virginia. We have a nice, large master bedroom. Our Queen boxspring won't fit upstairs. Is this a sign? 

Kevin and I look at each other. YEP. We need a King.

Six years after we buy a brand new sleigh bed (hey, our parents need a bed now at our house) and four years after buying a brand new queen mattress, we buy a KING.

But, with a King comes more trouble. It doesn't fit our sleigh bed. For our 6 year anniversary (which is WOOD for the gift) we go on the hunt for a brand new bed. We spent a few weeks dragging four kids through furniture stores trying to find that perfect bed, but unfortunately, nothing was made that great, and everything was so expensive. Why does everything have to be made in China and appear so cheap? And cost an arm and a kid. 

Kevin gets online and visits Ethan Allen. He finds the New Country, Quincy Bed and I literally start to drool. Oh. My. Gawd. That is THE bed. It's made in VERMONT. Pure 100% WOOD. And absolutely beautiful. 

We visit the store and it's the first piece of furniture you see as you walk in the door. It is just as beautiful in person. I looked at Kevin and said:

"I want that bed. Aren't you glad you showed me this???" 

He was thrilled. 

No, really. We both loved it and thought it would be perfect. It was American made in New England. Solid wood and perfect. We felt special for employing American workers. 

We waited close to 12 long weeks for this bed and it finally came today. 

The girls were all dressed in their halloween costumes, and had to get the first jumps in on it! 

Then tonight, all six of us snuggled up together under blankets and watched the Charlie Brown Halloween special on TV. It was awesome... 

So. Moral of the story? If you're going to have kids, don't waste your money on a Queen!


  1. LOL!!! We bought a KING after having 2! :) Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We are considering buying this bed too - not sure what color yet. What color did you get? Thank you!

  3. We chose the English Toffee and love it! We've had it a year now and I am still in love!

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