Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ice Princesses

Since last winter, the big girls have been asking to go ice skating. It didn't happen. I was pregnant. Lilah was too young and our plate was already overflowing.

Reston Town Center, which is pretty close to us, has an outside skating rink in the winter. We were there last week and the girls saw people skating and started talking about skating again. Kevin and I spoke with our parents and we all thought it would be a great Christmas gift to give the girls some skating lessons! 

On Saturday morning we bolted out of the house to make it to the trial day of ice skating lessons. We thought this would give the girls a taste of what ice skating was all about, and if they didn't like it, we weren't wasting any money.

Mairead getting on the ice
"this is cool!"
And just as we thought...they loved it. They were smiling the entire time and having a blast! Lilah would fall and get right back up again. Mairead quickly jumped to the next level and did fantastic! We were so proud of them.
Lilah ready to go

The girls waiting for their teacher
Momma and her boy
The "trial" lesson definitely left them wanting more and since then, they haven't stopped talking about ice skating! So, every Saturday for the month of December, we will be watching our little ice princesses.
Lilah assumes her "position"
The class

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