Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday Bash

Me and my big girls baking the cake

Lilah showing off the finished project
Yesterday we celebrated Lilah's 4th birthday. For the past few years, we have always celebrated her birthday the weekend before Christmas, but this year, we decided to do it a little differently!

A lot of our friends here in Virginia travel during the holidays, and sometimes having a party the weekend before Christmas is a little crazy, so we thought we'd do it a tad early.

And Lilah didn't have a problem with that. At all.

At first, Lilah wanted to have a gymnastics party, but when she realized she wouldn't be able to invite all of her friends, she changed her mind and wanted to have a party at home with all of her friends. So, that's what we did.

On Thursday, Lilah and I set out on a day together. She came with me to Callum's appointment and from there, we went shopping. We had lunch together at Panera and then she picked out a cute birthday dress at Hanna Andersson. It is a little thing I've done with the girls since they've been little. Every year for their birthday they get a day out with me, we go to lunch, pick out a new dress and buy all the decorations for the party. It's a lot of fun and a day we cherish together. After shopping, we brought Callum home for a nap, and we went back out for more shopping. Lilah picked out a flower cake pan, her "rainbow" colors, and then we headed to Target to buy her pinata and decorations.

That day, I watched Lilah with amazement. I just couldn't believe how much she has matured since we have moved to Virginia. She was just so good with me. She acted like a big girl and I enjoyed every second of our day together.

So yesterday, we prepared for her birthday party. We made her cake together and the big girls decorated their own little cake together, too. Lilah couldn't wait for her friends to get here, she asked and asked and asked "Mom. Are they driving here yet?" "Mom, are they in our neighborhood?" "Mom, are they in their car on the way?"- question after question.

When her friends arrived she was in heaven and I don't think I saw her for more than a few minutes!
Lilah and her piñata

The kids did the piñata. Dove for candy. And they were quiet. Ok...that's not all true. Some of us adults even took part in the piñata hitting :)
Yep. That's me. Swinging away.

While the kids played, the adults did, too. We enjoyed adult beverages and adult conversation. I have to say, birthdays are getting easier, as the parents can actually enjoy each other and not have to watch so closely over the kids.

We sang happy birthday and the look on Lilah's face was priceless. The look of happiness and excitement was just fulfilling.

Our neighbors stayed until past 10pm, but little Lilah couldn't stay awake any longer. She put on her new PJ's from her friends Lilly and Eaton and passed out on the couch!
Tired little girl... 

Overall, we had a fantastic party. We are so thankful for everyone who was able to join us and make Lilah's day so special for her!  And to our Maine friends.....we missed you terribly.

**Thanks to my friend for taking the photographs of us even though you use a Nikon, you did pretty well!

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  1. Looks like a fantastic time!!!!! Love the pic of you hitting the pinata! Priceless. Such fun. Love the age you are entering with another one of your girls. Yay!


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