Monday, December 5, 2011

The Hunt for the Perfect Tree.

For the past two years we have cut down our own Christmas tree. In Maine, we went to a local family owned farm and cut our tree down. Why would we think it would be any different here in Virginia?

We woke up last Friday morning with a plan to go cut down our Christmas tree. We found a place, drove 30 minutes and.....

Left the farm without a tree.

Yeah. That's right. Without a tree.

We trudged through mud, Lilah got bitten by a deer tick and we examined many trees. The selection was just not what we were used to. Trees were growing crooked, and we just didn't find that perfect Ferrie Christmas tree.

But don't worry, this mamma had her camera, and we got some pics, and it looks as though we did get a tree. Clara did have tights on, but she had a run in with some mud, so away with the tights!

The poor girls were all confused as to why we got back in our car without a tree. But mommy. But daddy. I thought we were getting a Christmas tree??

Feeling guilty, we stopped at another local tree place up the street. We got out of the car. I grabbed my camera...just in case. Looked at trees.

$90. Trees.

Once again. We left the place without a tree. And even more disappointed girls.

We got home and realized that today was just not the day. We started to decorate the house a bit more with plans to try again tomorrow after skating lessons.

And that's what we did. 

After skating lessons, we thought we'd try a local place selling trees before we drove an hour to a family owned tree farm. We pulled into the parking lot, Kevin got out - without the kids to check prices - and decided that this was the place!

The kids got all excited, jumped out of the car and picked out a beautiful 2011 Ferrie Family Christmas tree! Not only did they get their tree, but they got to talk to Santa! This year both Mairead and Lilah really lit up. Their faces were priceless. Clara was a bit unsure and had to sit on Kevin's lap, but she was in awe, too.

We all helped put up and decorate the tree. The girls had a blast. Last year, Clara was just a little over one, so she hadn't a clue, but this year, she wanted to help just like her big sisters. Callum cheered the girls while they decorated the Christmas tree! Mairead and Lilah, of course, had a blast! They were so into it.

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