Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Lesson: Making others feel good

Today we visited a local assisted living facility with other homeschoolers. We all made our own valentines and handed them out to the residents of the facility.

Growing up, my mom worked as a nurse at a nursing home. I used to love volunteering there and spending time with the residents. I have fond memories of the many people I met during that time, and I remember always leaving feeling good about myself. When I found out about the opportunity to bring our girls into a facility, I jumped. I love the elderly, and I feel like there is nothing like watching them interact with the little ones.

This afternoon, me and the big girls (Lilah & Mairead) made some valentines for the residents. Kevin was able to come home a little early so I didn't have to drag Callum and Clara with us - though I know the residents would have thoroughly enjoyed them, too. I didn't want the little ones to take away from the big girls first experience.

Before we left, I sat down and explained to Mairead where we were going. They were a little confused, but I knew they would enjoy their experience. When we arrived, the faces of the residents lit up when they saw all the children (about 10) all their just to hand out valentines. We watched their faces light up, and some were just so delighted that we were there to spend time with them.

We walked around the facility to see if there was anyone we missed. We came across this one woman who was so delighted to see our children. When I told her why we were there, she had a big smile on her face, and started to tear up as she said how thoughtful we all were for coming, and thanked us for making her day. Another women told Mairead that our visit was the highlight of her day and she would hang all of her valentines on her board in her room. Anther told her just how much our visit meant to her as "we don't get special visitors like this" very much. Who doesn't feel good after hearing things like this?

As we said our goodbyes and walked out, I asked the girls what they thought. Mairead said she really enjoyed it. I asked her why. And her response?

"because I made people smile..."

Yes, Mairead. That is why we are here. To make others feel good and do good to others.

And this is what life is all about. Giving. Making people feel good. Because in turn, it makes us feel good.

And these are the things that I really enjoy about homeschooling our children. Life lessons that truly make an impact.

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  1. What a beautiful story, Steph! I, too, always enjoyed visiting the nursing homes when I was young. We used to go caroling at Christmastime. I wonder if I could convince Micah's preschool to do the same with his class sometime....


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