Friday, February 17, 2012


Does your husband act as though the world is coming to an end with the sniffles?

Does he act as though the strain of the "sniffles" he got is worse than anyone else in the house?

Does he moan and groan until he's blue in the face? (or until you are blue in the face)

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions above, then your man could be suffering or has suffered from what is called THE MAN COLD.

What is it with men and colds or any sickness? I just don't understand. There must be some sort of genetic mutation that causes men not to be able to handle a case of the sniffles as well as a normal human being.

I've told Kevin that if the baby isn't fussy, then he can't be either.

Do you dread your husband getting sick more than your own children?

I do. 

No, really, I do. If my husband has a cold, it is not unlikely that I hear about it less than 20 times per hour. You know, comments such as "My snot is less" or "I am not sneezing as much" or "I think I am losing my voice" or "I have only blown my nose 2,324 times today" or "I am going to get some ice cream to soothe my throat" - the complete play by play of the disease  illness - almost like you were watching a football game - Every.Single.Detail. 

As I type this post, I am reading it to my husband. He is not pleased. But it is the truth. I am sure we have all fell victim to THE MAN COLD. Ya just gotta laugh.

Why is it the mothers have to suck it up, continue to run a household, but the men get stopped cold in their tracks. Laying on the couch moaning and groaning, expecting to be waited on hand and foot because they have a little runny nose? Or love to talk about just how horrid they feel?

Okay, Okay. Maybe I am being a bit overly dramatic...or maybe I am not. But, the truth is, men handle sickness a lot different than us women.

You see. Our kids have had a little cold over the last week. Nothing horrible, thankfully, but the last day or two, Kevin has seemed to acquired this disease "cold" from the kids.....and I have had a bit of a runny nose and sneezy today. Kevin has mentioned it a few times today, but just now he told me he didn't realize I also had been "suffering" from the same exact cold.

Ah. Man cold.

I am not a fan. Are you?

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