Monday, February 6, 2012

One of those days

Today was one of those days.
You know...where everyone gets together. The kids behave. And we are all enjoying each others company. I wish all days could be as good as today! 

Mairead having a blast! 
This morning we got dressed and headed out for a drive to the Algonkian Playground. Before we hit the swings and slides, we drove around the park to see the countless deer roaming the area. The girls love to see the deer roaming around in their habitat. Mairead says "Mom! I can tell that one is a girl because it does not have a p.e.n.i.s!" 

Yep. Never mind that it doesn't have antlers ;)

Here is SuperCAL on the swing! He didn't like it or anything ;)
After our little exploration, we hit the playground. We were the only ones there. It was peaceful. The sky was a deep February blue. The sun was warm. And the air a little brisk. 

Clara & Callum on the swings
Callum and Clara had a blast on the swings together. It was Callum's first time on playground swings and he giggled every time he was pushed! 

Cutie pa-tootie Lilah
The girls played happily together for well over an hour. I wish we had brought our lunch because the kids did not want to leave! 

Stair Jumping! 
After we arrived home. The girls had a picnic lunch outside. And Lilah finally figured out how to start on her own with riding a two wheeler! She has been riding two wheels since fall, but has been struggling to start solo - but she's doing it! She also learned how to stop, which is pretty important around here with the hills! 

Monkey'n Around
Then we came in, had a rest, and did a little bit of school! Mairead was super focused today and did great with her telling time and counting coins worksheets. Lilah did an awesome job with her cutting and sorting activity, too! 

Beautiful February Sky
Now, us girls are sitting on the couch watching a video on Valentines day enjoying a little quiet time before we head off to swim school later! 

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