Friday, April 27, 2012

Chicken & Broccoli - Another baby/kid friendly meal

I don't know about you, but I get tired of the same old meals every week, and I know the kids do, too. Last week we were at the dinner table with the kids, and Lilah asked me to "make that dish with the chicken and broccoli in it" - I had completely forgotten about this dish, and I am not sure why I don't make this more often because it is super easy, quick and baby/kid friendly! 

So if you are looking for something that will suit you, your baby and your toddler/child, then give this recipe a try, and I personally think it tastes just as good if not better leftover, and I don't really like leftovers! 

I don't really have a "specific" recipe to go by, so bear with me, but you'll see, there really isn't any way you can screw this recipe up - it is easy peasy! 

What do you need?
1. A package of chicken breasts, we eat about 1.4-1.6lbs of chicken breast for our family of 6. Cut the chicken into smaller chunks of your preference.
2. 1/2lb (or half box) of pasta of your choice. I like using the Barilla Plus pasta. It is full of protein and not as gritty as whole wheat pasta...but you can use whatever you want! 
3. A package of fresh broccoli 
4. Chicken broth - I usually use either two cans or an entire "box" of all natural chicken broth that is low in sodium. 
5. Garlic, seasonings, salt & pepper
6. Grated cheese - I personally like Pecorino Romano, but again, use what you like. 

The one thing about this meal that I am not too fond of is the amount of pots it takes, but, it is super easy, and I don't do the dishes, Kevin does, so I don't mind ;)

First thing I do is boil a pot of water. Once it is getting started, I will start to cook the chicken. 

Then, in another pan, I will have broccoli ready to steam once the pasta is just about finished.

In a frying pan, add a little olive oil, a few tablespoons of fresh garlic and then when it is hot, add the chicken. I usually will season the chicken with garlic, pepper and other seasonings while it is cooking. Cook until it is about 80% cooked, once it is cooked, add the chicken broth, and set stovetop to medium-low until the pasta is finished cooking. Once the pasta is close to being done, steam the broccoli to your liking. I tend to over-steam it so it is easy for the babies to eat.

Once the pasta and broccoli are finished, I will add them to the chicken and chicken broth. I will stir it all up, and make sure chicken is cooked thoroughly. If chicken is not, simmer for a minute or so until chicken is cooked through. 

Once it is finished, I will add some pecorino romano cheese, and then since I am a cheese fanatic, I will add more in my own bowl.

For the babies, I chop everything up to the appropriate size for the little ones. For the bigger toddlers/kids, I'll cut the chicken and broccoli up smaller, and throw more cheese on it and my kids gobble it all up! 

It really is a super easy dish that is a great first dish for babies and toddlers! 

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