Monday, April 23, 2012

With ALL of those kids?!?

When people hear that we are going on vacation to Mexico with all four of our children, most look at me as if I am insane or have two heads. Then they ask me "Why" as in Why would you even consider such a thing? Is that really a vacation? 

The reality is that in the end it is all worth it. OK, let me be honest, we have never really taken our four children on a real vacation before, let alone out of the country. The truth is, we've taken two of our children 3 years ago while I was pregnant with Clara, and in the end it was definitely worth all the hassle of getting there and getting home. I am not going to lie, it is a lot of work to prepare, but once you get there, it is truly just amazing.

We had been planning a family vacation for a while, and now with the move, a vacation is very much needed. Kevin and I feel so disconnected from a lot of things, including each other, and have been rather distracted with the upcoming move to Maine (in 33 days - not that we're counting or anything - and Kevin may or may not have a countdown right on his phone!), that we felt it would be beneficial to our family to get away from it all. I want to disconnect from reality for a while and just reconnect with Kevin, and our kids. They deserve our 100% attention because we have been distracted. We can't wait to get to the beach where all we have to worry about is building sand castles with our kids, whether we want to do the beach or the pool and what drink we want to order.....and not necessarily in that order!

So, with that being said, in a few days we'll be boarding a flight with our crazy crew to Mexico. We've opted for an all inclusive vacation where we don't have to worry about meals, or going anywhere except the pool or the beach. In the meantime, I have been doing mounds of laundry, packing and taking care of a feverish little boy who I am hoping gets better before we leave!

I am looking forward to having this family time together. I cannot wait to just spend time with our kids without the constant reminders of all that needs to be done here before we move. And soon enough, our lifestyle is going to change fairly drastically. Kevin will be gone mid-week and I will be flying solo, a far cry from our lifestyle now, so a week of family time is hopefully just what is needed to destress and reconnect...

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