Friday, April 13, 2012


On Wednesday, Callum had his 12 month well child check up (19lbs6oz and 27.5''). Since we have had not-so-good experiences with our other pediatrician, we had decided to go with another highly recommended office. I had called back in January to schedule his 9 month appointment, but they were booked, so, being the great mom that I am, I said.....ehhh, who needs a 9 month check up? Skip that, and let's schedule his 12 month! And that's what we did...

It's too bad we're moving because I was thoroughly impressed with this office from a lot of different aspects. The pediatricians bedside manner with me, the girls and Callum was awesome. She was so personable, patient and very sweet. We spent some time discussing Callum's medical history. Once again, another medical professional impressed with Callum's progress and development. Makes me smile. Then, she asked me if Callum received Synagis, which is a vaccine for RSV that premature babies (generally 34 weeks and under get, or babies who have been critically ill, etc) receive.

I told her I had mentioned it to our last pediatrician, but they quickly said he was not eligible because he was not born early enough. I had asked if we could repeal that, and they said NO.

The pediatrician was a bit shocked. She couldn't believe our doctors didn't go to bat for Callum. Her words were "While he was not that premature, he was on a considerable amount of support as a newborn that put him at an extreme risk for developing major complications from RSV"

I knew that. And for anyone who has spent any time with me in the last year, I have been a germ freak, especially during RSV season, which is just about over. Hearing those words from a physician makes me angry. My intuition was correct. He should have received this vaccine. I should have fought harder. But, I didn't. I made sure we stayed as far away from anyone with cold symptoms as possible. I didn't keep the girls out of their activities, but, I did the best I could with hand washing and teaching the girls about keeping their hands out of their mouths and nose. Sometimes those precautions aren't good enough. This is another reason why I am glad we chose to homeschool our children this year...To help keep Callum safe.

and we far. 

RSV is no joke. And it is no joke in children who have been compromised in the past. We have been lucky. Very lucky.

So, be an advocate. Stand up for what you think is right, even if you think a doctor is wrong. I should know better.

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