Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Life is busy here in the Ferrie house...but you knew that. The last week has been crazy around here! We've been keeping busy by having fun. We kicked off our weekend Thursday night with an impromptu evening with our neighbors. It started off with the kids just playing, then the drinks started pouring, and before we knew it, pizza was being delivered and we were having a fun night! 

Here is Callum showing off his mad skills at the preschool open gym at our gymnastics place! He can walk. When he wants to.
He can even walk across the room. When he wants to. 

On Saturday morning, all six of us, not including dogs were lounging around. The kids were
bouncing all around, including Callum. He leans over me and pukes in my face. GROSS. 

On Saturday morning, we got up and ready to head into Washington DC to attend the Smithsonian Kite Festival....but not before we were greeted with an inch of water on our kitchen floor. Our washing machine, which I hadn't used in two days decided to keep pouring water into the drum, which eventually led to it leaking all over our kitchen floor. It was a huge mess that delayed us a bit, but thankfully we got it all cleaned up so we could head out for a day of "mandatory family fun" as Kevin called it. 

The weather was perfect. High 60s, and sunny. The kids had a blast running and looking at all the kites flying around them. The day left the kids exhausted! 
Our family... 
After seeing all the kites, we headed down to the Museum of American History to have a picnic lunch. Callum thought he was SO BIG sitting with the big kids munchin' on a PB&J sandwich (yes, before 1 he is having PB...I am a bad mamma).

A boy and his dawg! That was actually a cheesy smile! 

And look who FINALLY cut two teeth this weekend......these are his first! One week shy of his first birthday...

Here are some photographs from my real camera

These next two photographs are some of my favorites. When Callum was born, I thought he looked the most like Lilah, but I hadn't seen that crazy resemblance in a long time.....until I saw these photographs! I think they look so much alike! God, they're cute! ;)

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  1. We are going to DC for the day tomorrow can't wait! First stop.... the zoo. Then maybe the air and space museum (the old one), then either Old Glory in Georgetown or Tortilla Coast for food. We decided since the MARC train is only $6 we are going to drive to baltimore, catch the MARC then transfer to the Metro. The kids are soooo excited- sweet little Patrick wakes up every morning and asks if it's time to go! They love the Metro so they are going love the MARC train just as much- should be great weather too!


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