Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Add in a little bit O' fun!

As if moving with four children 500+ miles wasn't fun enough, maybe try...

....taking away all the kids toys first.

.....Ok, maybe not all of them, just leave a few, but be sure you leave less toys than you have kids, to be sure they all fight over that same exact toy.

.....taking apart all of their beds, putting the mattresses on the floor and expecting them not to jump on them as if their bedroom turned into a trampoline zone.

.....leaving some boxes open to be sure your 13 month old can unpack as necessary.
.....adding in two puking children and two with mild diarrhea.

.....Oh, but be sure that you pack away all the extra bedding and towels so at 1am, you hardly have anything to change the bed with or put new clothes on....

....adding a crazy amount of laundry to your already long load list to be sure your children have clean clothes and beds for the last night.

The packing has been going amazingly well despite a few road blocks! Life would be boring without all these roadblocks! Hoping all the "fun" will all be worth it in the end!

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