Friday, May 4, 2012


So we survived our trip to Mexico! And we had an absolutely fantastic, really, we did!

The resort we stayed at (Dreams Puerto Aventuras) was probably the best resort we've stayed at in Mexico thus far, and we've gone three times as a family. It was great for the kids, and great for us, and great for our family all around. There was so much for the kids to do and they had a blast. Most mornings we would be down by the water around 8am and we wouldn't get back into our room until around 5pm. Callum and Clara were really great about having their naps on the beach while the big girls played.

Whoever said vacationing with kids (four kids even) wasn't any fun because they are missing out! Big time. We seriously had so much fun. We snorkeled. We drank. The kids had "cocktails". We swam. We met some great friends. We ate a ton. And we made some amazing memories together. The kids did absolutely wonderful on the plane to and from, and it only makes us excited to do it all over again....

Of course, trip preparation is always a pain in the ass, and trying to plan out how to make a long trip to a foreign country successful, here is what we did:
I made a crap load of sandwiches for the plane since we would be flying during lunch time

Pile up daddy with all the bags so he looks foolish :)

and make sure you put the kids to work, too....

because when you have an hour car ride to the resort, it will make them  sleep, and your trip much more peaceful :)

So, I won't bore you with are some photos of our trip!

Our first "cocktail" - while we waiting for our room to be ready, we ate some food and enjoyed some
yummy drinks while overlooking the water. Picture perfect...

Callum was so tired from traveling, he couldn't stay awake in the pool! 

The girls couldn't wait to get their bathing suits on and head to the beach to play!
The water was amazingly beautiful!!! 

Mairead showing off one of her new bathing suits at the beach
Enjoying our "cocktails" - the resort did a fabulous job at having special "drinks of the day" not just for adults, but special ones for the kiddos, too! 

Our kids loved the bar......Hmmmmmm

Callum's very first ice cream cone. He loved it...and was rather pissed off when it was gone!
Our first night in Mexico before dinner

The "Maine man" walking around the resort

Daddy and his crew
One of the bars at the resort called "BARacuda" had swings - they were a big hit with our kids! 

The water was amazing.....yeah, I know I already said that, but seriously, it was! 

Mairead and Callum playing in the sand together

The resort had bungy trampolines going every morning for the kids (and adults, too). Lilah was the first one that morning, and she had absolutely NO clue as to what she was volunteering to do. I will have to post the video of it. She belly laughed the entire time. No joke. I am surprised she didn't wet herself. Mairead enjoyed it, too, but she was a bit more reserved in her reaction to it! 

The resort had so much going on for kids! One night they had a beach campfire, roasted marshmallows and then had a movie out on the beach for the kids! 

They also had catamaran rides which we loved! The water was a bit rough that day, but the big girls loved it! 

Lilah being her cute little self

Callum giving me a beach pedicure :)
They had the coolest "natural pool" for snorkeling that was perfect for the kids! There were
lots of little fish and shrimp! 

Mairead jumping off the ocean trampoline

Lilah jumping off 
We love snorkeling! 

They had some tree monkeys visit the resort. OF course, Lilah was one of the first to volunteer! 

Mamma even got a turn :)

Daddy and Lilah snorkeling in the natural pool 

Even in Mexico, he still has his hands down in my....... 

I am going to go out on a limb here and say I think Callum is going to enjoy the water just as much as his big sisters! 

Swim up bar with the kids :)

Last night in Mexico 

Callum and Lilah before we left for the airport

Last morning in Mexico......... 
*** Check on the right side menu for the Vimeo clips of the bungy trampoline....and yes, I even put a video of me trying it out. Don't laugh too hard now :)


  1. OK, I love the lady behind Kevin on the plane. Her face says, " Are you 2 kidding me?!" You are wearing a bikini!!!!!! Jealous!!!!! Love, love, love all your smiles on the family picture! A MUCH needed vaca!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It looks like it was an amazing trip! Looking forward to our first family vacation with the 3 kids later this summer!


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