Monday, September 24, 2012


This past weekend, we celebrated Clara and Kevin's birthday. It is kind of fun having their birthdays so close together! Because Clara's birthday fell on a Thursday, Kevin came home a day early to be home on Clara's actual birthday.

On Clara's 3rd birthday, she and I went out together in the morning for our traditional "Mommy & Birthday girl" date. We went shopping for all of her party decorations, shopping at the mall for her perfect birthday dress, rode the carousel at the mall together and then she chose lunch at Panera! It was a great morning together. It amazes me how much she has grown in the last year! She is really getting this whole birthday thing and it is so much fun seeing her so excited about it all!

When we got home, she put her new outfit on and I took some photographs of her. You wouldn't know it, but about 5 minutes before these photographs were taken, she was throwing a fit because she didn't want me to take any photos - let's just say she changed her mind, real quick!

On Friday, we let Mairead stay home from school so we could all have a family day together. We spent the morning apple picking and had an absolute blast! Of course we indulged in some apple cider donuts, too! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

On Saturday, we threw a party for Clara and Callum. She and I made and then decorated her birthday cake together - once again, another little tradition for my birthday kiddos! We invited our friends for a great celebration later in the day! We had fajitas and let the kids (all 20 of them) run amuck! It was so great. Clara cried when we sang happy birthday to her - not sure what that is all about, but she cried.....Then, we sang happy birthday to Kevin, too!

Decorating Daddy's football cake :)

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend filled with lots of fun!

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  1. Great pics! Can't believe you guys are wearing long sleeves and layers already!


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