Sunday, September 30, 2012

THE Hanging Bed!

From the moment we made the decision to move back home to Maine, we started planning how we will fit four children into two bedrooms, one of which is fairly small. We decided it would be best to keep the three girls together and let Prince Callum have his own room. When we moved back, we had a crib, one full bed and two twin beds each with a trundle drawer. We went back and forth about how to successfully fit three girls into one room without sacrificing a lot of floor space and making the room feel cramped. Kevin and I came up with a lot of different ideas, including building a triple bunk, but after each different idea, we would come up with too many negatives.

I don't know about you, but I love pinterest. Sometimes I wish I had all the time, money, talent and resources in the world to do all the cool things on there! We came up with an idea for a "hanging bed" - and headed over to Ana-White Homemaker, a resource for building homemade furniture, etc. It is a great website! We found a family who built something very similar to what we wanted to do on this blog. We used these plans roughly, but will give you a pretty good idea of what you need to do. We also attached it to the wall a little differently, too.

The coolest thing about the bed - the cost! After paint & materials, the total cost was just around $100! Not too shabby! It took us about a weekend to build - the longest part was prepping the wood - sanding, priming, painting, etc.

First, Kevin built the frame. This was pretty easy! 

He screwed all the pieces together - with the help of Clara, of course! 

......and a little help from Callum, too! 

He was very intrigued! 

I used Bin for all of the knots in the wood, then used a Benjamin Moore Primer before sanding down the frame.
After it was all sanded, it was time for some Impervo White from Benjamin Moore.

I did the same to the planks as I did the frame. I used bin for the wood knots, then used the primer , sanded with a very fine piece of sand paper and then put two coats of paint on. 
Here is Mairead (top) and Lilah's (bottom) bed
Clara's bed 

Mairead's bedding from Garnet Hill 

The girls room 

So, we noticed some stretching of the rope, so Kevin placed a small cable to prevent any sagging of the bed, and then replaced the rope.

All in all, a very successful and fun project that looks uber cool! 


  1. We built a rope ladder, though, it's a bit hard, and ends up being more of a toy. She climbs up via the bookshelf on there, and it's great because Clara and Callum can't get up ;)

    One could easily build a ladder....

  2. How did you attach the bed to the wall aside from the rope portion.


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