Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All they want to do is dance....

This past weekend was pretty busy!

Kevin's parents flew up from Florida on Thursday to visit and meet our sweet little Callum. That evening they were able to watch the big girls at swim lessons and Friday was spent enjoying the day outside. It was a beautiful day, so we just played and spent time together. It was nice! That evening we grilled out and then Kevin "started" a fire...and we roasted marshmallows for S'Mores. The girls were so excited to have a fire in our new fire pit!

On Saturday, it was a big day for the big girls! It was their recital for their ballet class. Mairead did dance class last year so she knew just how fun a recital was, but Lilah was a rookie, and she has been waiting for her moment on stage for a long, long, long time! She couldn't wait to get dressed in her "very own costume" and dance on stage. Mairead was excited to put on make up and have her hair all "twirled".

The girls looked so beautiful in their costumes and I think their teacher picked beautiful costumes. They were dancing to 'Butterfly Kisses' - how sweet and appropriate for our sweet girls. Their class only had three girls in it, two of which were our girls, and the other was a classmate of Maireads, so it was a really special performance for us!

From where we were sitting, the girls looked so tiny and sweet. They danced beautifully and I couldn't help but have tears in my eyes as I watched our beautiful girls twirl around on stage. I was so proud of our girls as they danced in front of so many people on such a huge stage without any problem and a smile on their faces.

When I went to pick up the girls back stage they were so proud of themselves. I brought them back to their seats and they watched the others perform, which they loved every second of.

The rest of the weekend was fun, too. It was rainy, so unfortunately we remained inside. We did some shopping, went to lunch, the girls painted their toes and fingers - literally with Kevin's parents, and we just relaxed. Callum had his very first shower with his mamma and sisters! He loved it - went into the shower asleep and came out of the shower....asleep!

Overall, it was a fun weekend!

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