Monday, May 23, 2011

Controlled Chaos

I've spent two weeks home alone with my crazy crew of four kids, just turned five and under.

It's been a bit crazy, but not quite as bad as I thought it would be. I am starting to think those people who said four isn't any worse than three are right? Though I could be jumping the gun a bit...

Clara sportin' her new pig tails
I've learned I can multi-task even better than wiping a butt while breastfeeding Callum. Or breastfeeding while pan frying chicken.

Callum cries and I automatically think.....who's sitting on the little guy. Or who's trying to pick him up? Or who put a blanket over his face?

I won't admit if I've let Mairead "babysit" Callum while I go rock Clara for naps. He didn't want to be put down, and I don't let my babies cry, soo.....what other option did I have?

People look at me and laugh, then ask, "Are they all yours" - uh huh.....

I also won't tell you if I was that mom who forgot her 20 month old at her daughters preschool. Thankfully that insane mother with four small children realized she was missing her child before she drove away from the preschool. Obviously that child doesn't have any issues with separation anxiety.

When our big girls (Mairead & Lilah) went to my parents for the night on Saturday, I then realized just how quiet houses are only two children. It was like we didn't have children and when we took Clara & Callum out and about, people didn't look at us like we belong in a mental institution.

Hmmmm....should I torment the kid? Nah...I'll be nice!
Today, two of Mairead's friends from preschool came over. Six children, all five and under. No problem. What's a few more kids, I said to the parents as they dropped the girls off. No, house is crazy without the friends, so why not add a little more craziness. Would you think I were sick if I said I had fun? Oh, and let's add some more craziness on a day that is rainy and the children cannot go outside!

Over the weekend, I bought my first bike since before high school probably. We also bought a Schwinn bike trailer for Clara and Callum. Now, Kevin just needs a bike and we'll be able to ride around our neighborhood with our crazy crew. Today, I strapped Callum & Clara into the trailer, got Mairead and Lilah on their bikes, and of course, was followed by our two dogs. Yeah, it was pretty ridiculous, almost like a parade. I feel like I have my own friggin' day care now, it's fabulous! Now, all we need is a freakin' bus to fit all the crap we are beginning to accumulate. Holy shit kids have a lot of crap.

Tonight, Kevin was giving the girls a bath - he gives them a bath all together on most nights. Tonight, I watched the girls and I thought, Yeah...there's room for one more, I think Kevin can bathe four children in that tub. Okay, maybe that wouldn't be wise choice, but it would make things easier?

So yeah. Our life is crazy. But life was crazy before we had four kids. It's just a tad crazier now!

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