Sunday, May 8, 2011

A lot to celebrate...

Today is Mother's Day.

I remember my first Mother's day like it was yesterday - hard to believe it was five years ago, it really just seems like it was yesterday. We had just brought our sweet little Mairead home from the hospital just two days before. Mairead was the one who made me a mother. I remember learning all about Mairead, how to nurse her and adjusting to being a mother. It was the most amazing feeling. Ever.

Today, just five years later, I look at what I have and am in disbelief. I have so much love in my life. Four beautiful children and I am in amazement at what they have taught me about so many things. I have been a mother for five years and I think I have learned more in five years than I have in my entire life - it is amazing what children can teach you about life and love, and they don't even realize they're teaching you.

Not only was today Mother's day, but it was the day we would celebrate our sweet Mairead's 5th birthday. Our sweet baby girl is five years old (officially on Tuesday). What an amazing little girl she is! (I'll have an entire blog dedicated to her on Tuesday) This year she wanted a piñata party and that was it. Easy! We originally had her party scheduled for yesterday but when rain was forecasted for the afternoon we were able to reschedule it to today - Mother's Day. I didn't think twice about having her party on Mother's Day - after all, she was the one who made me a mother...and I have always celebrated my day along with her birthday, for me, they go hand-in-hand.

Her party went awesome and the weather was perfect, too! We had a BBQ and invited all of her friends, their family and siblings. The kids played and played while the adults had fun, too! We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends here in Maine. The piñata was a hit, too! The big kids were so good about sharing with the little kids who didn't get as much candy as they did. Lilah was soooo funny! She was swinging the bat like her life depended on it! She had everyone laughing - what a comedian she is!!!

So, we celebrated Mother's day, Mairead's birthday.........and of course, we couldn't forget our little prince, Callum. Today, we celebrated his one month birthday. How could it be that our little boy is one month old already? It feels as though his sweetness has been a part of our family for so much longer, I am finding it harder and harder to imagine our life without Callum. Like I had mentioned above, our children have taught me so much about life, love and living, and Callum is a perfect example of this. He is only weeks old yet has taught both Kevin and I so much about ourselves, our relationship, our family, our life.....and the love we all have for each other. It really is amazing that something so small can teach such huge lessons in life. What an amazingly strong little boy he is...and how lucky we are to have him in our life.

Today was such a special day with so many special things happening. I am so glad we were amongst our family and friends celebrating with us. Even though I was up in the night nursing a newborn, and spending my day decorating Mairead's birthday cake, cleaning up the house, and countless other things, it reminds me that this is what Mother's day is about - being with my kids. This is my life and I love it so very, very much. There are days where I wish I were working or wish I could use a big break, but there are more days than not that I truly love my life, and Mother's day is just another day to celebrate it.


  1. So glad you had a great day yesterday! You're little man (and girls, of course :)) is so cute!!

  2. So happy for you, Steph. I'm really glad things worked out so well for Callum.
    Happy Mother's Day!


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