Friday, May 6, 2011


Kevin: I don't remember any of the girls being quite like this. 

Me: Oh. They were. You just have amnesia.

This was part of the conversation Kevin and I had over dinner last night. It was a broken up conversation as Clara tried climbing on the table, or trying to escape or attempting to climb into the mini coi pond.....did I mention we were at a restaurant during all of this?

Well. We were.

We were at a Chinese restaurant celebrating Cinco de Mayo Asian style, and thankfully because of this, the restaurant was pretty quiet or else we would have been that family with those four children and that one child who just wouldn't sit still. Yeah. That was us. Thankfully Mairead and Lilah were on their best behavior and because of this, other patrons looked at us with hope rather than concern.

Clara is at a tough age of almost 20 months. She is not one but not quite two. She still acts like a baby at times but wants to be treated like a big girl - just like her sisters. She babbles all damn day and knows exactly what she is saying - but we don't. She gets frustrated because she can't express herself in a way that mommy and daddy understand what she wants so she acts out instead. She wants to sit in a booster seat like her big sisters (who really don't need one but like to sit in one anyways) but she doesn't quite know how to keep her big butt in the booster seat! She thinks it is okay to try to climb on the tables at the restaurant or try to climb into the Coi pond (I closed my eyes and prayed she didn't fall in)........thankfully, she didn't.

Kevin has continually mentioned about how he doesn't remember the other girls acting as crazy and difficult to manage as Clara, but I do, pretty clearly. I think he has a case of amnesia and he claims that if he didn't have this so-called amnesia then he strongly doubts he'd be the father of four beautiful children. Clara definitely has Kevins number and dials it frequently.....she definitely gets under his skin! It is almost funny :)

Both Mairead and Lilah (especially Lilah) have gone through periods, especially during this age, where they want to be BIG but can't quite handle being BIG quite yet. I try to remind Kevin they all go through it and before we know it, she will be over it...............and Callum will be beginning!

It's a tough period but someday soon, and I hope soon, She will start to really mature and figure things out! In the meantime, we will just look at those people staring at us and smile.

Every day is a new stage. Some stages are awesome. Some stages you just hope you develop amnesia.

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