Monday, September 19, 2011

Life is Busy.

Somedays I wonder...what was I thinking about homeschooling! It is busy!

But most days, I don't regret for a second about our decision to homeschool our children. The one thing I love most about it is that we're on our own schedule. We schedule things into our week that work for us. I love that our mornings are generally not hectic, and if they are, it is because we chose for it to be for a reason.

The last week was our first week of full blown activities and it was busy! Who said homeschool kids weren't socialized or stayed home all day? I'd have to say "homeschool" is a poor word for such a thing!

On your right, you'll see a bunch of videos. I just uploaded a few new ones to give you an idea of what are kids are doing now!

On Monday, we met some other homeschooling kids at the Reston Town Center. The kids ran around, listened to some live music and the adults socialized. It was a beautiful day! That afternoon was the big girls first swim lesson. It's great here because Clara can swim while the girls are in class! In the middle of the day we attempted to fit a little bit of schooling in...

On Tuesdays, we try to do school in the mornings because Mairead and Lilah have gymnastics from 12:30-2pm, and it's nap time by the time we get home! Depending on how much we (didn't) get accomplished that morning, Mairead and I will sit down together and learn.

On Wednesday, we didn't have anything planned, so we played outside, did a little school and ran a few errands. That afternoon, we did some school, and then the big girls had swim lessons again.

Thursday, the big girls went to the local recreational center and participated in a class about Turtles. It was a 90 minute class that the parents drop off, so me, Clara and Callum went shopping together. It was fun for everyone! The girls had an absolute blast!

Friday, Kevin took off, and brought the girls to a homeschooling field trip to a local police station, and then to a park with some other friends. That afternoon, Mairead had swim lessons (I placed her in the wrong lessons, so now, we're at the pool Monday, Wednesday for Lilah and Fridays for Mairead).

It makes me tired just thinking about it! We've got a lot going on! But we're having fun. Clara is learning to swim without a bubble - she's amazing! And Callum is a talking fool!

The one thing I've learned so far about homeschooling...

Is that it makes me a better mother. It forces me to spend time doing things with my children that I normally wouldn't do on a very regular basis. And I am able to finish my day feeling accomplished and good about myself. 

The other thing I've learned...

Is that my house suffers. No time for cleaning....bummer.

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