Monday, September 12, 2011


At just shy of two, I declare Clara officially not a baby anymore and 100% toddler. She has the vocabulary explosion, temper, attitude, indecisiveness and sweetness (the list could go on and on, really) to show for it, too.

The one little baby thing she has left is that she is still nursing. Usually it is just once a day, though sometimes two, but almost always at bedtime.

The last few nights she will ask for "Mooty" and point to the breast she wants to start. Keep in mind that Callum always nurses on my right side when he goes to bed, so that side is generally a big disappointment for her, and always switches to the left side (which Callum will nurse on before we go to bed).

Tonight, she says "Maaam, I want that mooty" as she points to my right breast. She nurses for a few seconds. Comes off and says "Maam, I want that mooty" as she points to my left breast. She nurses for more than a few seconds, comes off and says "Maam I want the other mooty" and as you may have guessed, nursed on the right side. Not joking, she does this about 5 or 6 times before she finally settles on my left breast.

Once she is done nursing, we lay belly to belly, and I sing a few songs to her. She will wrap her right arm tightly around me and just hold me as if I am her great big lovey. You can't even imagine just how tight this little girl holds you, but it just feels so good. It makes me feel so loved and special. Sometimes I will try to get up, she'll say "nooo, mamma" and pull me even tighter. Such a great way to end the day...

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