Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Birthday Girl

Today, our sweet Clara belly turned two. I know I say this over and over again, but I honestly cannot believe she is two. Some days, it feels as though Clara has been two forever, but most days, she is still my little baby - well, all the girls are, but she is my baby, baby girl. I always go back to her birth because hers was just so.....so, perfect. Having her warm body on my chest for two glorious hours was just unforgettably amazing.

For the last few days, we've been talking about her birthday. We tell her she is going to be two, and she almost always says:

"No, I three."

And then I say "No, you're going to be TWO"

And then she responds with:

"I five. No, Six!"

And the game goes on. But, if you tell her she is three, she almost always replies:
Our sweet Clara...

"No! I two!"

Clara is just blossoming. Her vocabulary is staggering. She says sentences that make me turn my head in amazement and say "HUH?" - wondering if she actually said that sentence. Todays crazy sentence was:

"Mommy! Why is there a potty over there?"

Whoa! What? Yep. That's what she said.

She is 100% potty trained, though wears a diaper at night. She still naps once per day. And still keeps up with her big sisters. She loves to be n aked! She loves to swim and has just recently started swimming without a bubble or anything! She is insane. Absolutely insane! She loves to play with her sisters and looks at them with big eyes. Her sisters are so good to her, and love her just as much as she loves them. She is even more love with her little brother. Every day, she holds him at least once. She sings to him, and has now talks to Callum in this high pitch voice - just like a baby. It is the cutest thing. Ever.

Not only is she capable of keeping up with her big sisters, she can also be shy, but once she is comfortable, watch out!

At night, we love to lay together, sing songs, and of course, nurse. I am not sure when she will stop, but as of right now, she has no signs of stopping. She very rarely nurses any other time than before bed, but on the rare occasion she asks, I oblige. After all, she won't be nursing forever, and she's still little in my eyes.

Today, we woke up, and we all sang happy birthday to her. She had a great big smile on her face. I dressed her in her special birthday dress we bought for her, and she looked absolutely beautiful. Tonight we went out for a special birthday dinner and came home to sing Happy Birthday to our favorite little Clara. My parents were on skype to join in on the fun. On Saturday, we will have a little party for her here, and Kevin's parents will be here, too, so, it will be a fun birthday weekend, especially since we'll be celebrating Kevin's birthday, too!

Tonight, I picked her up with her blanket and lovey (her favorite things to snuggle with) and rocked her in the rocking chair. I nursed her, just like I did two years ago as she laid on my chest. So bittersweet.
The girls singing Happy Birthday! 

"Now what do I do now?"

We love you our sweet Clara belle. This next year is going to be awesome with you!

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