Monday, September 26, 2011

Party time!

Getting ready for Clara's Birthday dinner
This past weekend we had two birthdays to celebrate! Clara's and Kevin's.

Kevin's parents drove up from Florida to spend the weekend with us, so it was a fun filled weekend with family, friends and a little bit of partying.

On Saturday morning, me and Clara made her birthday cake together as the big girls looked on. It's a special tradition that I've made with each of our kiddos. They pick their cake, the type of cake, and they help me make it. Of course, the other girls want to help bake, too, but, the birthday girl gets to do the vast majority of the baking with mamma. It's a lot of fun, and a tradition that I cherish with my children.

This year, Clara chose a butterfly cake, she also chose her colors, too. Clara had a blast making the cake, and I believe she probably ate just as much batter as she could possibly eat! The girls were out of control trying to eat every last drop of batter, but who can blame them!
Clara having a blast! 

Obviously enjoying herself! 

Me and Clara

Once our friends came, the fun began. The kids were off and playing, having a blast together, and the adults were having some fun of our own. I enjoyed my favorite drink...Cold River Blueberry Vodka - straight from Maine, with some sprite and a splash of cranberry. Yummmmmmm!
Clara so proud of her cake

When it came to sing 'Happy Birthday' the kids were ready for cake. We sang, and then at the end, Clara bursts out into tears! So cute...she can be shy! Poor kiddo. The big girls thought that was the best time to start diving into the cake. Her tears only lasted a few seconds and she bounced right back to her crazy self.
Yep! She's TWO :)

Our fam 
The girls taking advantage of crying Clara

Mimi & Callum

Kevin's parents and our crazy crew

While we missed our Maine family and friends so very much, we were so thankful to have had Kevin's parents and some of our close Virginia friends here to help celebrate such a special day for us. It was a lot of fun for everyone!

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