Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Living the Maine life

Higgins Beach, Maine
Living the Maine life is what its all about, especially in the summer. After all, we do live in "Vacationland" as Maine is called. We live just a few miles from some of the most well known beaches in Maine. I love spending our summer at the beach, and so do the kiddos! We spent last week at the beach a ton because it was hot here. We'd meet our friends and the kids would play and the mammas could catch up.

On Friday night, we met up with some friends to have dinner at Higgins Beach. We picked up a pizza and headed down to the water. It was beautiful. It was low tide and we were on the hunt for some sand dollars. Mairead grabbed her boogie board and hit the water. This was the first year where she had no reservations about jumping right in and going for the gusto! She loved it, and it wasn't long before all four kids were in jumping waves, boogie boarding and just having fun exploring. I found some baby sand dollars, and the kids played with hermit crabs in the tide pools.
 Callum had a blast playing in the waves! While we've spent a lot of time already on the beach, we hadn't spent a lot of time on a beach that has real waves, but he didn't have a problem with them at all!

We played on the beach until 730pm and we practically had to pry the kids off the sand!

And while we were waiting for daddy to pick us up, Callum started to melt into my arms...Love him!

And I love what the beach does to my soul.....

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