Sunday, June 3, 2012


Well, excuse my lack of updates this past week, but we've been in a whirlwind! We made it successfully into our home here in Maine! With the help of our family and friends we had a very easy move in and got settled into our home pretty seamlessly! My dad and Kevin had a pretty easy trip north in two trucks. It was a pretty funny sight to see them parked tight in my parents driveway. Both completely full with all of our things! 

Overall, it's been an awesome week! We had so much help from our family and friends. On Sunday, we had a revolving door of visitors. Our friends were here early on Sunday helping unload the rest of the truck, and my girlfriends helped me get settled in our kitchen! Our neighbor across the street helped Kevin mow the lawn, and she even made us all dinner that night. We are so incredibly lucky to have such awesome people in our lives here! It truly feels like home... 

We've gotten almost 100% settled and we feel even more organized this time than we did when we, if you're looking to get organized, just move out of your house, and into another, then back out of that one, and into your old house! :) It has been nice moving back in because we know what we liked about it and what we didn't, so we were able to change what we could. In the room where the three girls will be sleeping, we just had one closet shelving for hanging, well, we took that out and did custom closets, so now there is plenty of room for clothing on shelves and hanging clothes, too! Now, we just have to decide how we're going to do the triple bunk! 

I painted Callum's room and Kevin did the custom closet shelving in his room, too! Kevin has the garage looking awesome, and we can even park a car in the garage if we wanted to - something that was close to impossible last night. 

The kiddos have been enjoying spending a lot of time with friends, too! We've had lots of playdates and Mairead has had a playdate at a friends house, too. We've gone for walks, and just spent days playing outside. Callum is having a blast, too. He absolutely loves playing outside. I think it's going to be a really fun summer with the kiddos!
Two trucks ready to head to Maine... 

While Kevin and my dad drove north, my mom and I spent the evening with my brother's family. They have two cutie pies who I am very excited to spend more time with in the coming months! The kids had a lot of fun together and the big girls taught Landon (2) lots of fun tricks on their new swingset!

Lilah, Mairead and cousin Olivia

For Mairead's 6th birthday, my parents bought her a new bike! 

On Saturday morning some friends including my parents met us at our house to help unload a few things...well, a few things ended up to be one entire truck and half of the other! After we finished we were able to hit up a friends birthday party! It was so great to see our friends. Later that afternoon, we stopped at our favorite meat market for dinner. When we got home, the kids got on their bikes, me and Kevin enjoyed an adult beverage and we headed for a celebratory walk to the water. If you could have seen the excitement on our dogs faces! They had a ball and our kids had a blast riding their bikes down to the water. I think they felt so good to have space to ride and just enjoy without being stuck on a sidewalk! 
Clara was so excited to get on her bike and ride! She rode all the way down to the water (which isn't far, but it is the farthest she has ridden her bike yet) and since then she has gotten really good with riding her new bike with training wheels! 
My flower garden! 

The dogs waiting patiently for their turn to jump in the water!

One thing we were so excited about is having space to have our own vegetable/fruit/herb garden in our backyard! Daddy built the start of our garden and when the rain ends, we'll be planting our very own garden.

This is the butterfly we saw on our Hosta in our garden! It was so beautiful! The girls were enthralled with it! 

Callum had his first bike ride and loved it! 
On Friday night, we met some friends at the Lobster Shack and had some yummy dinner! Our first Lobster rolls of the season! Even Mairead enjoyed hers! 
We took a break from settling in to have lunch at our favorite beach! 

Me and Callum waiting for dinner Friday night

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