Thursday, June 7, 2012

We survived!

Minus a call to 9-1-1 and a visit from a (cute) police officer, our first week was a complete success! Daddy had a successful week of work in DC and we had a great week at home here in Maine despite all the rain!

The three nights without Kevin went fairly well - really no complaints here! We kept really busy with the great help of friends and my mom who came to visit or invited us over to play!

The kids had fun playing in the rain, splashing in the puddles and countless play dates! The days went by fairly quickly and overall, the kids were well behaved. There of course were minor hiccups where I wanted to scream but that happens even when Kevin is home!

I know not all weeks will be as successful as this, I just hope the bad ones are few and far between!
A bike ride after the rain....

A playdate with friends! Callum has a little partner in crime, Colin, who is 5 days younger! They're so cute! 
Here's Callum - who likes to play "fetch" with the ball. The kid nose dived into the mud, grabbed the ball, and brought it back. No joke. 
A little walk down to the water....ahhhh
So, no joke...We were taking my mom out to lunch, and who do we run into??? The police man who came to our house after our "9-1-1" call. He recognized us immediately! And then, there were two other Scarborough police officers having lunch. Mairead had a field day with them. One gave her his hat, and the other gave her his badge! Have I mentioned how much I enjoy small town living?!?! 

Who needs a man to grill chicken??? 

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