Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And so it begins...

I'm talking about Toddlerhood & [More] Sibling Rivalry. 

Up until now, the big girls have had it easy. They've only had to share with each other...until now. It's official, Clara is on the move. She is a walker. She is all over the place and into everything. She isn't particularly interested in any baby toys. She wants to play with baby dolls, barbies, strollers, the kitchen and anything & everything the big girls are playing with. Our sweet little Clara Belle is slowly turning into a house wrecker. 

At first, the girls were so excited their baby sister was walking, but as each day passes, I think they are realizing life as they knew it is slowly dwindling away. Someone else is intruding into their space and their toys. Clara is now a threat. A big one.

It's no joke. Clara is certainly turning into a full blown toddler as we speak. She gets into everything including the trash. Loves to climb into the dogs water bowl. Eat their food. Throw toys. Throw food. Climb stairs. Anything and everything that is so far away from infant hood as possible.

Mairead & Lilah are getting frustrated - she is invading their space! Here are some quotes from this morning alone from Mairead: 

"NO! Clara!....You can't play with my toys!" 
"Mom! She keeps touching my dolls!" 
"She keeps taking my things away!"
"...but she hitted me with the doll!" 

I just explain that she is just a baby and doesn't really know what she is doing! She just wants to do what they do! 

How can you not laugh at that? Here is this little 10 month old house wrecker. I can't even tell you how many times I've had to break up a fight against Clara, one of her sisters and an item - usually a baby doll or stroller. Clara has got a tight grip and she doesn't give up easy! 

So, I am surely getting a glimpse into my future! It's going to be a roller coaster ride and I am ready! On the positive note, I am so glad Clara is finally walking! Her sisters just love cheering her on as she explores the house on her own two feet!

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