Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend!

This years 4th of July weekend was probably one of the funnest (and action packed) we've had in a long time! To make everything even better, the weather was absolutely perfect. Seriously. It couldn't have been any better!

On Saturday morning, we kicked of the weekend by heading to Scarborough beach. We planned on getting there early ahead of the crowds because we knew it would be a bit crazy. The girls were so excited to go to Scarborough beach - they love playing in the waves! Generally, during the week, we head to Ferry since it's calmer and the walk tends to be considerably shorter. One of our neighbors (my running mate) was there so she spoiled the girls rotten and gave them lots of goodies! Clara snoozed on the beach for a while and we just enjoyed our day together! When we got home, we put the girls down for their rest/nap because we had to turn around and head to Portland for dinner and a sunset cruise around Casco Bay with friends!

Once everyone woke up, we met some good friends downtown for a fun night ahead - we started the night off with dinner at Portland Lobster Co..We had yummy lobster rolls and beer. After dinner, we ate some yummy ice cream and then boarded the boat for a sunset cruise on Casco Bay. The night was so perfect. Not too chilly. Perfectly clear. Just beautiful. The girls were so excited to go on a boat ride! Lilah kept saying "I ready to go on the boat!" and Mairead was very curious as to what kind of boat we were going on. It was fun playing tourist - we learned little facts about the area we didn't know about! Casco Bay really is a beautiful place. The islands were picture perfect New England. It reminded me of why I love New England so much.

On Sunday, we got ready for our third annual cookout. Our first 4th of July here in Maine, we celebrated with the Wallaces (the family we were with on the sunset cruise) and my parents. They, too, had just moved to Maine from Holland (though they are American) just a few weeks before we got here. Now, two years later, we celebrated with my parents and lots of friends we have met here in Maine. We are so lucky to have such great friends here. We all had a blast! We grilled out, drank a ton.....I made a mean "mamma's punch" and the guys drank lots of beer. The kids played on the waterslide and ran around. All of a sudden, it was 8pm and ready to head down to the beach to watch the fireworks. Time flies when you're having fun! We hustled and got everyone ready. Quick! Clara had just fallen asleep, so I had our high school sitter stay home with her so we didn't have to bother her. She had had a busy day and I didn't have the heart to bother her. So, she missed out on all the excitement of the 4th!

For the past two 4th of July's, we had trekked over to Portland to watch the 'big' fireworks, but this year, we decided to meet the Wallaces down at Ferry where you can see the Old Orchard Beach fireworks. Kristen had brought the fixins' for S'Mores and Kevin supplied the blow torch to make them! HA! Not to mention, I filled a gallon jug of "Mamma's punch" - It was hilarious! The kids ran around in the sand and waved sparklers. The sunset was amazing. Breathtaking actually. The fireworks were a decent distance, so I don't think they were quite as exciting for the girls as the Portland fireworks, but overall, it was a lot of fun!

On Monday, we headed back to the beach. It was HOT. Super duper HOT. Thankfully, the water was great and not too chilly - and by 'not too chilly' - I mean, my feet didn't get numb, but the water was still only about 60! It was a must to get in the water though! After the beach, we headed home for a quiet afternoon. Our friends followed us home and the kids had some time using the waterslide.

It was a great end to a perfect weekend. Really. The weekend was flawless. Everyone was happy. The weather was beautiful. And we had each other. I wish every weekend could be so perfect!


  1. What a fantastic weekend! The nighttime pictures are amazing. It was a gorgeous sunset.

    Love, Maureen

  2. What a GREAT weekend! You know how to do it up right my friend!!!!


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