Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Confessions of a stay at home Mamma...

 Here are some more Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom.....

Life isn't always glitz and glamour when you're staying home with three small children under the age of do the best you can, and sometimes....just sometimes you let things go.....but Shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone! ;)

I sometimes Let mairead hit lilah back - Lilah is always hitting Mairead, and 'time-outs' don't always work...maybe if someone beat Lilah up, she'd realize, it doesn't feel too good to be hit......Ok, maybe not the best idea....

The other day I ignored Clara, who was crying on the floor for me, but had to take just one more bite of freshly made cookie dough before I picked her up - but it was SO good....I had to take just one more bite!

Some days, I kind of enjoy watching Mairead & Lilah hit each other and duke it out - I don't always have to intervene, do I???

Sometimes I think going back to work would be easier, but then at the end of the day, I see my little angels sleeping and change my mind! They trick you like that!

I let my kids run around the backyard naked when it's warm out. They're only little for so long, plus, let's face it, by the time I go into the house, find the bathing suits and put them on the kids, they will have changed their minds about going swimming. So, I just let them run around naked.

Some days, I thoroughly enjoy having a strong adult beverage at the end of the day. It just numbs the chaos in my head.....just a little. 

Does NOT get excited about wiping stinky, poopy bums all day......though I'd much rather do that than change a poopy diaper! 

The other day, I set Mairead's rest timer for 15 minutes longer than usual....I just wanted that extra 15 minutes to myself! Some days 1.5 hours just isn't enough if you catch my drift!

Okay! Enough for today :) Don't worry, there will always be more confessions!

What are some of your confessions???


  1. Um yeah, I'll let the boys beat the daylights out of each other sometimes. One, they're boys and it's going to happen occasionally. Two, if they've been going at it ALL day and I've been breaking up a fight every five minutes, I will eventually give up. And after a while, THEY will eventually give up. :^)


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