Monday, June 14, 2010


I remember before I had children people used to say "wait until you have're never going to be able to shower" or "it will be midnight before you find a second to shower" - I would laugh inside because I need a shower  - kid or no kid, I would shower. I wasn't just going to wash my face, throw on sweats, and use my kid as an excuse not to take a shower or to get dressed. I needed to feel like a person, not a zombie!

Once Mairead was born, I lived up to my thoughts. When she was really tiny, she slept all the time, so finding time to take a shower earlier in the day wasn't too hard. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't just shower like I used to. I had to plan it, but, it almost always got done. Once she was a few weeks old, she took her first shower with me. When it was time for me to take a shower, if she was awake, she'd just come shower with me. I'd strip her naked, wrap her in a towel, and she'd sit in her bouncy seat while I washed my hair. Once I was finished, she came in and showered. She loved it. This was our routine every morning, and each month, she loved it more and more. Once she could sit and crawl, she'd play on the shower floor. Not only did she love the shower, but she loved the sound of the hair dryer. Once she hit toddlerhood, showering with her was a must. It allowed me to shower and not have to worry what she was doing, or where she was. To this day, she continues to shower with me on most days!

Lilah was the same, she showered with us at a very early age. Since Lilah was an amazing sleeper, she didn't shower with us in the morning as much as Mairead did as an infant. Once she hit the mobile stage, she showered with us more and more. Lilah was a crazy toddler, so showering with me was a must. I didn't trust her for a second!

Up until last week, Mairead & Lilah showered with me almost every morning, but as of late, Clara has been going down for a nap later in the morning now, so, I am now showering with all three of my girls! I am running out of room!!!!! Clara has showered with us since a newborn as well, but she hasn't had a ton of showers, but now, she is on the move, and I don't trust her being alone in a room while I shower for even a second! The last few mornings, she has been taking showers with us, and she is loving it! This morning, I got out while she and Mairead played in the shower together for another 10 minutes! That was just enough time to get dressed!

Showers for the girls in the morning aren't about them being dirty or needing a shower, but about keeping them safe so I can shower and get dressed! 

So, if you're strapped for time or afraid to let your kiddos roam the house while you shower, drag them in with you! They'll love it! If they weren't able to shower with me the whole "wait until you have're never going to be able to shower" may be true!


  1. I went a long time without a consistent shower. We have a 2 story house and I can't leave kids unattended....well the little ones. People think I am insane for getting up by 5:30 AM, but I NEED that shower in the AM now to get through each day. If I workout I struggle with the time to get another one in, but I know I will surely get on in the AM. I never minded having the kids in the shower with me, but we have a single person shower and there is just no room the bigger they get!

  2. We have a single person shower, too - and let me tell you, space is limited! HA! I am always tripping on someone or something, though, I have to say, it was even worse when I was pregnant!

    In the fall, it will be much better as Mairead will be in school 3 days a week, so I will be just showering with Lilah & Clara on most mornings!

    Some mornings, I crave a "solo shower" - but it is inevitable someone climbs in with me!

  3. Haha. Sounds like our house. Lily had her first shower as soon as that crusty thing fell off her belly button, lol and same with Eden. I actually found it to be easier than bathing them. They are always in the shower or tub with us, but now that they are getting older we wear our bathing suits to stay modest, after all Lily will be five in the fall and I don't want her to have scarring images of her naked parents stuck in her brain for life. lol ;)
    I do savor the showers and baths I get to enjoy alone though.


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