Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

I would have to say that this years Memorial Day weekend was one of the funnest I've had in a long time! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we enjoyed every second of it!

On Friday, some friends came over with their three kids. We grilled chicken and had Pasta Ponza (one of my favorite pasta dishes). All of the kids played outside and had a great time together while the adults relaxed and enjoyed some good conversation. It was a great way to kick off the holiday weekend!

On Saturday, Kevin and I both ran. It was my first successful run with my new running shoes. I had to return my first pair as they killed my feet and I couldn't run in them! When I came home, I busted butt and worked in our front garden all day. We had rebuilt the stone wall in front, and we had bought flowers earlier in the week. I have to say it looks sooo much better than it did! Let me tell you though - I was hurting! Landscaping is a lot of work! It's tiring, too!

Saturday night our babysitter came over so Kevin and I could have a date night! It was a beautiful night. We started off our night at a local dive called the Porthole. We had some calamari and of course, beer. After we had a yummy dinner at the Old Port Sea Grill. The Mahi I had was awesome, but the Maine blueberry lemonade made with Cold River BLUEBERRY Vodka. If you like vodka, and you like blueberries -  you must, absolutely MUST try this! It is made right here in Maine. It's a potato vodka. Very, very yummy!

Sunday, my parents came up to spend the day with us. We started off the day at Ferry Beach. The kids played, swam (even in the 50 degree water) and had fun looking for shells. We enjoyed a yummy lunch and headed home to go kayaking! My parents have kayaks, so they brought them up so we could all go kayaking. We are lucky enough to live about a 5 minute walk from the boat ramp to the Scarborough Marsh/Nonesuch River. It is gorgeous. The weather was absolutely perfect. The dogs had a blast swimming and dock jumping, while the adults had fun taking turns with the girls in the kayaks.

When we returned home, we enjoyed some amazing blueberry vodka drinks while watching the girls play in the backyard. We had some yummy cheeseburgers and fresh salad from a local farm and finished the night off with some homemade organic gelato! Talk about a perfect day...

On Monday, the fun didn't stop! We started the morning off at dunkin' donuts and enjoyed the local Memorial Day parade! It's a short parade, only about 15-20 minutes. It's perfect for the kids because they don't get bored. After the parade, we went home and played in the yard before we headed off to meet friends in Portland for some lobstering in Casco Bay. We went lobstering last year with the kids and we all enjoyed it. Our friends invited us out, and of course, we accepted! Who would turn down a beautiful day lobstering???? The girls were so excited about going out on the Lucky Catch! It is a fun time for all. They teach the kids all about lobstering, and it is totally hands on! They learn how to bait the traps, measure lobsters, band the lobsters, etc etc - it's a blast, and a great learning experience for everyone. On our way back to the dock, we even saw some seals!

It really was a weekend filled with lots of fun, laughter and family time! I didn't want the weekend to end. It was the perfect start to summer!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! We spent ours cleaning and purdging for the big move north! Yours was much better! I love the pictures and it is great to see the girls in the kayaks. I want to buy some next summer to go whale watching and such! I love kayaking!And I was not sure if Emalee would be ready,but looks like she might be by your pics!

  2. Thanks, LB!
    The girls absolutely LOVED the kayaks! E will be at a perfect age next year! It is going to be amazing!


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