Sunday, June 20, 2010

An amazing daddy...

Since today marks 'Father's Day' (as well as Clara's 9 month birthday, more on that later...), I thought it would be appropriate to pay a small tribute to Kevin.

I don't think anyone starts off life (particularly men) with the intent to be an amazing father. I don't even think it is a priority of most men before they even lay hands on their flesh and blood and maybe I am wrong here,'s probably after the shock of actually having a kid is over! When I married Kevin, he used to tell me how he used to think he would never get married, or even have children. Of course, when he married me, he knew I was a lover of children, and wanted a bunch of them - I certainly wasn't shy about it. Thankfully, he changed his mind about children, and I am thankful for that!

When we were married in September 2005, we thought we'd get pregnant within the first year or so. What do they say about plans? Well, yeah...they don't always go as planned! I found out I was pregnant with Mairead within days of returning back from our honeymoon. What a surprise, a wonderful, surprise. Kevin was nervous, very nervous. I used to wonder if he was as excited as I was...and maybe he wasn't quite as excited, but I knew he was happy, and that's all I cared about!

When Mairead was born, I will never forget the look on his face. The tears. The amazement. The love. He was the first person to hold our sweet Mairead - actually, he was lucky enough to make the big catch. From that second on...he was hooked on his little girl. Daddy's little girl. Little did he know he would be blessed with three more little girls!

The first year brought lots of learning curves to this little daddy, but he tackled each and every one of them with pride and joy. Having such a supportive husband and daddy made everything perfect, well, maybe not perfect, but it was as close to perfect as you can get. He changed diapers, gave a mean bath, read books, snuggled and did everything he could to be an amazing daddy.

Each year he grows so much as a father to our sweet girls. I know no matter what our children grow up to be, he will support them always - even if they aren't star soccer players. I cannot ask for a better father to our girls - he is everything to them. And me. 

Now, two more princesses later - make that three total - Kevin is a pro daddy to girls! He knows barbies. Princesses. Baby dolls. Dress up. Pretend. You name it, daddy does it, and does it with a smile. I know it's tough for him to be thrown in the midst of SIX females (3 girls, me and our two female labs), but he does a great job, and we love him so much. He provides each and every one of us with everything we could possibly need and works hard for it. I may give him a hard time about this, but in all honesty, he works very, very hard each and every day for us. His girls adore every piece of him, and hearing them yell "Daaaaddddyy!" when he walks in the door after work just melts my heart, and I know it does his, too.

Our girls cannot have a better daddy, and I am so lucky to have Kevin! Happy Father's day!

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