Wednesday, June 23, 2010

9 month & 4 year old well check ups

Today, Mairead & Clara had their well child check up at the pediatricians office. I had completely forgot about their appointment and for some reason, it never saved on my phone calendar, so this morning I called to see when their appointment was. The lady responded "today at 4:30" - geez, so glad I called!

Mairead absolutely loves going to the pediatricians office. I don't know why, but she has really never had a bad experience with a physician thankfully. Mairead has never had a sick visit to a pediatrician. She has never been on antibiotics or anything. Should I knock on wood now that I have announced this to the public? Yes, my children have been sick, but I have a pretty high threshold for when I would take them in to be seen. So, in 4 years, Mairead has only had well child checks ups and she loves every minute of them.

Her stats are:
31 pounds (25-50%)
38.5'' tall (25-50%)

She's following her little ole growth curve just perfectly! She's a tiny little thing, but she's healthy. Perfectly healthy. Mairead loved getting her body checked out. "Are you going to listen to my ears next?" or "Are you going to bang on my knees now to make sure they're healthy?" or "Hey! Dr. Maggie, watch me jump real high. I'm super strong!" The doc asked her lots of questions and she had a blast answering each and every one of them! Then, it was time for a shot. She needs 4 vaccines before she starts Kindergarten, so we decided to do 2 now, and 2 next year. Mairead doesn't mind getting shots. No, really, she doesn't! When the nurse came in with the vaccine, she asked if I could give the shot because "it doesn't hurt when mommy does it!"- it isn't the first time I've given my kid a shot, and since they know I am an RN, I went ahead and gave it. Mairead didn't even flinch. Not a tear. Nothing. She was so strong! They can't believe it - they asked if they could video her so they could show other kids how brave she was.

Then, it was Clara's turn!

Her stats:
16lbs10oz (10%)
27.5'' tall (25%)

Clara is the size Lilah was at 12 months. It's funny because at 12 months Mairead was 15lbs10oz and Lilah was 16lbs10oz, so it looks like Clara will be 17lbs+ at 12 months (she's been gaining 1lb every 3 months). Clara is perfect developmentally - which we knew! Dr. Maggie had a blast watching her cruise around the room. She didn't get any vaccines today.

Of course, Lilah got a "free" check up - she told me she had a baby in her belly and needed her belly checked by the doctor today. Lilah even asked for a "shot in my butt" today. That definitely made everyone laugh!

Overall, a perfect doctor visit - three healthy children. Can't beat that!


  1. Yay! I'm amazed that you can give your kiddos shots. Guess that's what makes you a great RN! Go, mamma! Lovely to have such healthy, healthy sweeties.

  2. HAHA....Yeah. Well, when Mairead was little, I couldn't bare for her to get multiple shots and different times, so if they couldn't get a second nurse to do it simultaneously, I asked if I could do it. It was worse watching her be tortured! So now, I ask if they can get someone else and if they can't, I'll offer (well, they ask me now :) - haha)....


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