Thursday, June 3, 2010

...and she stands!

Oh! Boy! Clara is just changing so fast it seems. She has gone from sitting quietly on the floor to crawling all over the place!

Today, she stood for a few seconds all by herself! Where has my little baby gone? Soon, she'll be off running with her big sisters! I know she will be so happy to keep up with them. Watching her try to follow them all around the house is so cute, she just wants to be just like them!

As much as I have tried to prepare myself for Clara being mobile this early, it still doesn't seem real!

I am excited she will soon be walking, I really is just easier in a lot of ways to have a walker. I am kind of sad that my sweet, baby Clara is growing up faster than I want her to!

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  1. Wonderful!!! Amazing how that 3rd one just picks it up and "runs" with it! I wrote Leah's list of words (I did it for the other 2 at 18 months also) and I am amazed at how much she is already communicating! wonder I want another!


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